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For years, I found terms such as AI and Machine Learning exciting, but way beyond my abilities; I never thought I’d get the opportunity to learn them, let alone apply them to the real world. Kubrick has made it all possible.

I was initially attracted to Kubrick because of its high-value offering. Most graduate programmes are full of technical jargon and restrict who can apply, but the Kubrick programme is laid out simply and clearly and encourages applications from a variety of backgrounds.

I also wanted to learn the hands-on tools needed to use data effectively, as the volume of data we generate is growing exponentially and so much value can be drawn from it. Proper training is essential if you want to effectively navigate such unchartered territories and feel confident in doing so too. This was another reason I was immediately drawn to Kubrick as their training programme allows you to practice what you’ve learned in a safe environment before applying your skills to real-life data.

Prior to Kubrick, I completed a degree in Physics and spent a lot of time after graduation focusing on personal development – mostly picking up new hobbies and taking online courses as I wanted to feel prepared. Since joining, my confidence has grown significantly and I now possess the skills needed to make a genuine contribution to such elusive sectors that have always fascinated me, whilst continuing to learn about areas I never knew existed. “Cloud-based data warehouse” will make sense to you by the end, I promise.

Another great thing about Kubrick is that they stimulate you by challenging you every step of the way. In just a short space of time, I have completely changed the ways I learn – I’m more inquisitive, I never fear asking a stupid question, and I can confidently try something new without worrying about failure.

It’s also important to note that no prior data knowledge or experience is needed before joining. I know it’s easy to feel under-prepared before starting a new role, especially if you’re straight out of university, but they really do start with the basics and teach you everything you’ll need to know. My ability to communicate complex topics simply has developed since I began my training, as Kubrick always tests you not only on your technical knowledge but also your presentation abilities - a strong duo to have in the data industry.

In terms of the culture, Kubrick has pleasantly exceeded all expectations. The staff are welcoming, and you go into new projects with a lot of confidence. They are also there to support you, not slip you up as everyone wants you to succeed, and they certainly make that the top priority. There is also a huge diversity of cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds. You learn a lot from such a wide array of viewpoints on the same issues and networking is strongly encouraged. I have added all my trainers and even people I’ve never met before that work at Kubrick on LinkedIn, as we’re all part of the same community. I’ve also engaged in conversations with them with relative ease and even reached out to client-side consultants for tips and advice, which has proved hugely beneficial over the last few months.

What I particularly love about the data sector, besides how it can benefit the world, is that it isn’t that difficult to get into - you just need to be enthusiastic and keen to learn. I think once that misconception is challenged further, far more people will be interested and excited to join the working world of data.

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