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Prior to joining Kubrick, I worked for RBS, one of the largest banks in the UK. Despite working closely with data, but I felt I lacked the technical know-how to fully leverage data in my day-to-day job. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to pursue a career in data.

I graduated in 2017 from the University of Exeter with a degree in Mathematics. My interest in problem-solving was fostered throughout the duration of my degree, and it also provided frequent opportunities to involve myself with new technologies.

I love that data is universal; Anyone can understand data if it is contextualised. I believe the ability to tell a good story is a common ability shared amongst those who have had an impact on the world. In business, this is even more true and business leaders across the world are now pursuing the data insights necessary to tell these stories and make better decisions. Understanding how to utilise data to interrogate business problems is something I believe is one of the most important skills to have in business today, hence my decision to pursue a career in data.

I applied to Kubrick after hearing about it from a recruiter friend. It was the first company that I felt excited about during the application process.

I was inspired by the great clients, in-depth training and the scale of Kubrick’s growth made me want to be a part of the company. Kubrick has not only grown my soft skills; it has given me the opportunity to progress in entirely new avenues which I previously would not have been able to scratch the surface of.

Kubrick provides a supportive and energetic environment that allows for driven young data professionals to achieve their potential.

During my first placement, I had the opportunity to present to the CEO of an organisation, one on one. Prior to joining Kubrick, the thought of achieving something of this nature was far out of reach and would have been an unsettling moment. However, equipped with the knowledge Kubrick has taught me, I have the confidence and ability to present on technical subjects to a high level. Following this presentation, I received very positive feedback from the CEO which was a further testament to the supportive environment that Kubrick has created.

Entering the data industry can be an unnerving experience due to the technical nature of the roles within it. The concepts are foreign to a lot of people, so it is easy to feel unmotivated and inadequate when taking the first steps. To overcome this, it is important to be humble in the face of adversity and continually remind yourself that you cannot know everything.

Roles in technology have, until recently, been stuck in the back office. More and more, the opportunities within the data industry are the opposite. They are at the forefront of the organisation. Driving the changes necessary for organisations to remain competitive by trimming costs and identifying new areas of commercial opportunity. When entering into this space, being energetic is an incredible attitude to have. By being enthusiastic and maintaining a creative way of approaching problems, you will quickly become an asset to everyone around you.

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