Intern - Meet Anokhi, Associate Consultant

I felt at home right away…and everybody in the team was very welcoming and easy to talk to.

Anokhi Patel

Associate Consultant


My summer at LCP was a very enjoyable experience and convinced me that a career in actuarial consulting would be right for me.

During my time at LCP, I felt at home right away because I was assigned a buddy who helped me settle in, and everybody in the team was very welcoming and easy to talk to. I was able to work on a variety of different clients including managing agents, medical indemnifiers and motor insurers. Day to day work I was involved in included basic reserving and pricing calculations, learning and then using our internal reserving software, and designing charts for presentations and reports.

Being able to work on a wide range of clients meant that I also had the opportunity to work with most of the team and get to know them better. This made it an easy decision to accept the job offer at the end of the summer.

As well as enjoying the work, there were plenty of opportunities to socialise out of the office. Whilst at LCP I became a member of the netball team and trained with them weekly. I also attended the annual summer party which was held at Lord’s cricket ground. Both of these were great ways to meet people at LCP and made the whole experience complete.

Overall I really enjoyed my summer at LCP and would highly recommend the experience to anyone thinking of becoming an actuary

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