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Jessica has gone from studying Politics at Kings College, to sitting exams in Regulated Financial Planning. Part of the Insurance Products and Financial Planning Solutions Graduate Scheme, she’s excited about the number of different career avenues and loves the diversity in the Group.

"I’m developing a total range of skills"

I came to LBG on an internship

‘I really enjoyed it, so the natural next step for me was to apply to the Graduate Scheme.’

I’m already on my second placement

‘From working with the Key Clients team in UK Private Banking, I’m currently a Business Support Manager for the Director of Insurance and Wealth, Transformation and Strategy.’

I’ve had hands-on experience

‘As a Relationship Manager, I learnt how to put our customers first. Right now, in my Business Support Role, I’m learning about brand new areas, from Communications to Risk.’

You have back-up all the way

‘I’m sitting exams alongside work and my manager is really supportive, making sure I can focus on my studies. There’s also a great network of grads taking the same qualification – we share resources and encourage one another.’

I was worried I wouldn’t learn as much remotely

‘My LBG colleagues were aware of the challenges of starting a new job and meeting people virtually, and they have made an extra effort to make sure I have felt like part of the team and engaged in the work.’

There are always opportunities to volunteer

‘I am involved in delivering workshops on Financial Capabilities for young people – empowering them with practical financial skills that are usually misunderstood. It is so rewarding to see, first-hand, the difference that these schemes can make.’

A place I belong

‘The culture here is hard to come by. The environment is really supportive, and there’s a strong community within the Grad Scheme too.’

More to discover

‘There’s so much variety! I’m very sociable and love exploring new places, so it’s great that the Grad Scheme has given me the opportunity to live in different parts of the UK.’

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