Lorena Strechie


Lorena Strechie

Software Engineering Graduate

Lloyds Banking Group

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I’ve gained experience across so many areas

“I started my placement in risk analysis before working as a front-end engineer. Now I’m in a full-stack developer role, which I love because the work is so diverse. I get to be part of the whole software development life cycle, from planning through to delivery, which means I see the impact my work makes on our customers.”

I’m working on a groundbreaking app

“I’ve helped to create an app that consolidates people’s pensions, so they can view them all in one place. It’s a huge improvement not just for our customers, but the whole pension industry. The uptake has been amazing – we’re already seeing nine million app views per month.”

My team has a great sense of humour

“I’m by far the youngest – everyone else is pretty senior. At first I was a bit daunted by that, but it wasn’t long until I felt at ease. They’re great to be around – they know when to make a joke and when to be serious. I don’t know if I’ve just been really lucky, but I’ve loved every single team I’ve worked with here.”

We’re constantly improving the way we work

“In my team we have a happiness index that we update every week. Everyone votes anonymously, then we discuss it. If our happiness score goes down, our scrum master will ask us what’s going on and help us find a way to fix it.”

I get a lot of support from my manager

“Because I’m doing a master’s degree, I’m supposed to dedicate 20% of my work time to that. My managers have always taken an interest in my development and made sure I’m taking enough time to study.”

I felt like I fitted in from day one

“As a non-British, queer woman in tech I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in. But now I realise this was completely unfounded. Since joining Lloyds Banking Group, I’ve never once felt as if I didn’t belong.”

My advice to someone who's thinking of applying

“Go for it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the graduate scheme and definitely grown as a person – you will too.”

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