Yaqi Gao

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Before becoming a Data Science Graduate, Yaqi completed not one, but two master’s degrees. She considers herself lucky to be part of such a friendly and supportive team, all working to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

“You’ll never feel alone at LBG.” – Yaqi Gao, Data Science Graduate

Before joining LBG as a Data Science Graduate, Yaqi completed an MSc in Computational Finance, and an MSc in Financial Technology. Now, she’s putting all those skills to use in creating the best solutions for our customers.

I was really impressed by how collaborative everyone is

“Even at the careers fair I attended, the collaborative culture at Lloyds Banking Group really shone through. The team is so knowledgeable, so skilful – but they’re also so nice.”

At LBG, you develop in little ways every day

“I struggled with my confidence when I first joined, but, with the support of my mentor and colleagues, I learned to overcome this. I volunteered to run a weekly social event for the next cohort of Data Science grads, and it was through this experience that I became more confident. I became a better communicator, and a better leader.”

There are so many networks you can be a part of

“One of my favourites is the Mumble Flute Coffee Chat network, which matches people randomly for virtual coffee chats within the department every two weeks. I find it’s a great opportunity to get to know people better, understand their background and experiences.”

My mentor always makes time for me, even when it’s busy

“We catch up once a week to discuss my workload, and check on my goals. Am I on the right track? Do I need to improve in some areas? These are the questions we try to answer.”

No feeling compares to the moment you complete your first official task

“I felt such a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I felt like I’d contributed something meaningful, not just for my team but for our customers and the wider business.”