Ben Fenton

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Ben studied BSc (Hons) Software Engineering at University of Strathclyde graduating in 2019.

Starting out at Lockheed Martin four years ago as a Placement student, I had no idea I would end up where I am now. I joined a great team working on IT business applications but with support from my manager and team lead I moved into an IT project manager role. This presented me with not just a significant level of responsibility but also challenged me to operate outside of my comfort zone and pushed me to excel.

I was able to continue working part time while I returned to university to complete my degree, with the security of knowing I had a graduate job to come back to. Throughout my time at Lockheed Martin I’ve had the opportunity to try new things, grow my skillset significantly and been given a level of responsibility that makes me take pride in the contributions I make. I have managed projects across the UK, liaising with stakeholders from around the world. One of the things i enjoy most is the level of responsibility I was given at such an early stage in my career, as well as being able to work alongside and learn from a world class team.

Coming from a software development background, I’m extremely passionate about STEM (Science, technology, Engineering & Maths) outreach and helping to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and coders. Lockheed Martin has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion as the project manager for the UK Code Quest and CYBERQUEST competitions, where teams of school students compete to solve coding or cyber challenges. Leading a small team to execute multiple events simultaneously across the UK and creating problems for students to solve has given me a sense of pride and job satisfaction I never thought possible