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London Stock Exchange Group

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"Finance is such a varied, vast and dynamic field, with huge scope for growth. LSEG in particular was attractive because it’s systemically important to the markets. There are always interesting things going on."

"LSEG is interested in acquiring innovative companies, so I’ve got to understand new IP, people, culture and brands. People here at LSEG have conducted some significant research to find the best companies in their fields, however unknown. This allows me to regularly grow my knowledge of different parts of the financial ecosystem."

"I completed an internship at LSEG during the summer of my second year at university, in Capital Markets. Through this, I got offered a position on the graduate scheme. My first rotation was in Real Time Data Audit. This involved going to clients and I even got to travel to Paris for one of the audits, which was fantastic. This role stretched my skills in both data analytics, report drafting and stakeholder management. I spent a lot of time writing formulas in Excel, but then also had to present the data to the clients succinctly, and was involved in negotiations of fees."

"My second rotation is in Market Data Business Development. This gives me a holistic view of market data, because while audit looks backward, sales look forward. I work directly with the head of Business Development, helping to leverage existing client relationships and finding new clients. I’ve been able to take on more responsibility and have had great exposure and chances to grow in confidence. They trust me and are very supportive, encouraging me to take charge."

"The graduate network is huge, and we all keep up with each other. As we’re all in different parts of the business, we help one another expand our networks."

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