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Having enjoyed success in our internship programme, Flavio was lucky enough to continue his experience at L’Oréal through a graduate programme (Management Trainee).

Talking to Flavio, we really got to understand what his motivations are, how he’s settling in and what he looks forward to in his future.

Hey Flavio, you’ve been here a while now but what was it that really caught your eye in the first place about L’Oréal?

I found out about the internship program through a presentation held at our university campus (University of Bath) back in 2017. What really impressed me about the presentation was the number of brands that operate within the company and how each and every one of them has their own unique identity.

“I had never really thought about a future in the beauty industry up until then — the event was a real eye-opener”

Oh cool, so you got to see a speaker live in person! What happened after that made you decide to apply?

The main speaker at the campus event was the country Chief Digital Officer who spoke about the digital transformation that L’Oréal is leading within in the beauty industry. The element of continuous innovation combined with strong and established brands was what truly characterised L’Oréal as a place I would want to work in.

Sounds pretty exciting! How has this excitement continued for you now you’re here?

One of the things that keeps me going is knowing how much there is still to learn. It is an incredibility dynamic environment to work in, and because the company is quick to adapt to the latest trends and innovations, I always feel at the frontline of something completely new.

And you’re hopefully still learning from people every day, right?

Absolutely! The most important piece of advice I got told was to always be proactive, and that my success will depend on the risks that I take.

“At L’Oréal you are encouraged to think like an entrepreneur, and constantly challenge the ways of working”

I have found it incredibly safe to implement this proactive mind set at L’Oréal as I have always been surrounded by truly supportive people with the same mentality.

That’s pretty unique to hear, congratulations! After your management trainee programme is over, what do you want to do next?

The experience as an intern has opened the door to the 18-month Management Trainee scheme. I am currently half way through the program, and so far it has been a fantastic development experience that has laid the foundations for a career in a leading multinational corporation like L’Oréal.

At this point, I look forward to completing the scheme and to continue learning more about this industry as I become operational.

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