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Georgia Hoskins

Construction Manager


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How did you find the Mace Graduate Development Programme?

I attended an insight week with Mace whilst I was studying at university. From this I then completed an industrial placement year with Mace and then went on to join the graduate scheme.

What advice would you give someone at school considering a career in your area of work?

I would advise them on getting as much experience working on or in connection with a live construction site as I believe having an thorough understanding of how things are built gives you the best basis for any career in construction.

How have you benefitted from the graduate scheme?

It has helped me in achieving a higher management level quicker than if I had joined as an apprentice or without a degree. It has also allowed me to branch my network out as we have consistent exposure to many different people of different career levels who work at Mace.

What are your main responsibilities as a graduate?

I have now left the graduate scheme but previously I shadowed other managers and gained more responsibility in managing trades and whole locations of my construction site as my confidence grew.

Why Mace?

I was attracted to the various types of developments Mace have been a part of and I wanted the opportunity to work on an iconic London project

What your roles includes e.g. typical activities and key responsibilities

I am responsible for the planning, monitoring and recording of daily construction activities. I also play an active role in ensuring health and safety is adequate on site.

What makes Mace a great place to work?

There are many opportunities to network with peers and senior members of staff. They also offer good rewards and benefits to their staff.

What training you have received?

I have had various training courses associated with health and safety issues on site, as well as monthly training days on the graduate programme which focused on construction elements.

The best and worst pieces of your job

The best is getting to socialise with lots of different people on a day to day basis which makes the work enjoyable. The worst part would be that it can become a very high pressure and demanding environment to work in if a job falls behind programme or over budget. It relies on a person to be calm and be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

How your career has progressed at Mace

I have gone from an assistant through to manager over two years and have much more responsibility. I also feel like the past two years have provided me with invaluable knowledge that will continue to benefit the development of my career.

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