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Jignesh Patel

Project Manager


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I studied BSc Project Management for Construction at Unversity College London and joined the Graduate Development Programme in 2018, I was attracted to Mace's Graduate Development Programme as I had worked a year at Mace during my Industrial Placement year and found the projects and people of Mace to be of a high level. I had interacted with many Graduates during that year, all of who highly recommended the Graduate scheme and outlined the standard of training provided during the two years. It’s the best company to be a part of in this industry, the knowledge, ambition and high reputation the company has is invaluable at the start of a graduates career. The company also allows you to grow and provides you with the best opportunities to do so as well as being able to network with many colleagues from the business and build a network.

Mace is a great place to work because everybody is super friendly and willing to help you. There is so much knowledge in this company, so you find yourself learning everyday. Also, the projects – we bid for the best projects out there, having that on your CV is valuable. Also, you recieve the compulsory training courses when you join (bribery etc.), and I’ve had further training on NEC and JCT contracts, as well as sustainability. I’ve been at the company for 3 years and have reached Project Manager. It has been a very good progression and I can see myself growing and taking the lead on aspects of projects.

My responsibilities include managing the team and co-ordinating all information required for the project back to the client, reporting and client meeting, solution solving with the team.

The best and worst pieces of your job is it’s a challenge. Keeps you thinking and you need to be sharp. Also when you can work through a problem and be at the forefront managing it and deliver good news to clients, it’s very rewarding. The worst is hours can be long.

I am currently involved in the Ethnic Diversity Inclusion network.

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