Go from grad to manager and create the retail world of tomorrow

Go from grad to manager and create the retail world of tomorrow

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The M&S Graduate Programme is specially designed to engage, challenge and develop the creative, digital and commercial legends of tomorrow. Because although retail is changing, M&S has the vision to evolve even faster. As a data-driven, digital-first business, well-known for being socially conscious, we’re in tune with where the industry is going and what our customers are thinking. But we need leaders like you to activate our strategy in stores.

If this is you, Retail Management is the route to go on our Graduate Programme. It’s an opportunity to harness all the creative, digital and commercial intelligence across the business, and use it to build the retail stores of the future. It takes hands-on skills and a way with the customer, while making you a senior figure in crafting the M&S experience – the best of both worlds.

Not only does this programme elevate your expertise and confidence to a management level – it fast-tracks you into a Team Manager role. That means managing your own part of the store – taking responsibility for your budget, recruiting and training your team, and shaping that M&S magic in new and increasingly technological ways. It’s also the first step becoming a store manager, and even going beyond into area management.

The size of the opportunities and the speed at which you encounter them is amazing, yes. But, retail management is so much more. Especially if you can’t stand the thought of going into an office and sitting at a desk day in, day out. No two days are the same are ever the same on the shopfloor, and we love how it keeps us on our toes.

Many careers can’t compete with the atmosphere and closeness we feel as a team in-store. For a lot of us, it’s how we made it through the pandemic. And with every changing season, each big events – from Springwear being introduce to Clothing & Home to Halloween and Christmas making it onto our shelves – our passion for the job is renewed.

Just ask Joshua Vincent, one of our recent recruits, how much we have in store for you: “Joining M&S as a Retail Management Graduate was the perfect way to start my journey. The dynamic working environment allowed me to quickly deepen my knowledge across all areas of the business while working across five stores. These are the most valuable learning experiences you can have and will help to make you become a better leader.”

“If you had told me on my first day as a graduate that after a year I would be working with the CEO of this amazing company, I would not have believed you. But the graduate scheme helped shape me for this progression and to do a job I love.”

Ready to become a driving force for a true industry thought leader and innovator? Discover just how quickly M&S can take you from grad to manager on our Retail Management programme.

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