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Joshua Vincent

Programme Manager for 'Suggest to Steve'

Marks & Spencer

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Who would you say is the ‘biggest legend’ in popular culture right now?

For me it would be Marcus Rashford, the work has done over the past 2 years has been outstanding. He is putting the nation first and making sure the troubles he faced as a child do not happen for our future generations, going to government to address this and helping to feed the nation on top of being an elite athlete. He also faced a horrible backlash from the Euro final, but he has shown how strong a character his is by not letting this get him down and has used it as a further chance to talk about racial injustices and to help further educate people across not just the UK but the whole world.

What would you like your personal legacy to be? What have you achieved that’s unique or how have fulfilled your passion?

I would like to hope that the legacy I leave behind at the end of my career is being remembered as someone who was always willing to help and supportive to everyone I worked with. I also want to be remembered as someone who is hard working and always did my best in any work I was part of. If I helped the business or the people I have worked with become more successful, a better place to work or better individuals then I will be happy.

What have you achieved that’s unique or how have fulfilled your passion?

For me personally, I think my journey with M&S to date has been unique. I started my journey in stores and was thrown into the deep end quite quickly by being placed in stand in roles to support. I was also one of a handful of retail graduates that was not furloughed throughout the pandemic allowing me to gain vital experience and knowledge to help me grow. The work I did in stores is something I am incredibly proud of and look back with in fondness, but it has also led me to where I am today. When I joined as a graduate, I would never have believed that after being in the business a year I would move from stores to the support centre and work so closely with the CEO of this amazing business. I am so passionate in the role I am in as I am helping give every colleague across the business a voice to share their opinions on how we can improve.
Is there a legend in your field who you would like to emulate? Or surpass? Or maybe you’re just determined to be totally original?

I would not say there is a particular legend that I want to follow in the footsteps of, of course I want to be successful, but I want to do that in my own way and by following my own path. Whatever I do I will always give my all to making sure it is of the best of my ability. However, although they may not be a legend in the field, I want to emulate the hard work and determination my dad has achieved in his career. From seeing his working values at a young age, it has helped shape me to the person I am today, so I can only hope I follow these values.

What does ‘innovation’ mean to you? Why is it important and where would you most like to see it applied?

Innovation is crucial to me, it is what my role revolves around. Innovation is the key to progressing and changing things for the better in any aspect of life. Without innovation people, businesses, communities and the world would not improve. Innovation should be applied in everything everyone does and I am glad that M&S is a business that welcomes innovation.

What do you think the M&S of the future looks like? And how do you feel empowered to shape it?

I think the M&S of the future will be just as successful as it has been in its history to date. M&S is known for its quality and service, which I believe is something that will be carried forward across the years. Everyone should feel empowered to help shape the future of M&S, everyone can do their bit to try to make us a better place to work and also a better place to shop for our customers. However, it is not just down to individuals, it is for everyone across the business to work together as a collective to help drive change and future successes as one.

How do you think tech, digital and data will help shape the future of M&S?

In the world we live in today, tech, digital and data is the future. Especially for the retail industry which is in an ever-changing environment already. The work we are doing across our 10X stores is helping to set us up for success with everything digital in mind, that can help our customers and colleagues. With innovation across the business, we can tap into so much potential together with the great employees we have, to help us grow and utilise the technologies we have for the future.

How do you view the way M&S does business? Is there anything you appreciate about its ethics, stance on sustainability or role in society?

M&S has been a family brand for generations and a brand people can trust. I feel proud to be able to say that I work for M&S as it is such an amazing household name with great morals and ethics. Together with our Plan A initiatives, we are helping communities and the world become a better place by the way we do our business and that is something everyone in M&S should be proud of.

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