Sophia De Angelis Taylor


Sophia De Angelis Taylor

Senior Buyers Assitant

Marks & Spencer

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What would you like your personal legacy to be? What have you achieved that’s unique or how have fulfilled your passion?

I started off my career at Fashion retail academy and instantly knew I wanted to be in buying ( I had loved fashion long before this). I have worked hard, pushing myself in the workplace to learn and achieve more every day by setting goals and reviewing these monthly.

In terms of my future, I would like to make the industry even more sustainable than it is now even though M&S are taking large steps to achieve this. I also want to be the person who has helped, educated and supported people throughout my career as I think this is integral to working in a team.

Who would you say is your inspiration in your field of work?

As cheesy as it sounds, my mum and dad were the ones who have always inspired me to work in fashion, growing up with a head designer and Technical manager as parents has given me the perfect balance of being creative as well as having an eye for detail and being particularly organized.

What do you think the M&S of the future looks like? And how do you think tech, digital and data will shape it?
I think the M&S future looks positive with a huge move to being more sustainable, this can only result in great outcomes and sales for the business. Ecom will continue to drive sales as we have been shaped by this pandemic but this will be an easy, slick process for the customer to use.

What has kept you at M&S?

Working for a British company which has such a name in industry is something to be proud of. I am excited to see where and how my career will develop with M&S.

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