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We’re building new ways to support people in their hour of need by offering cheaper, faster insurance that’s actually on their side 🙌

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We build insurance products that are cheaper, faster and fairer for everyone.

4 ½ years ago, we set off on our mission to build a new type of insurance company. Today, we help hundreds of thousands of customers save money by using tech to their advantage, not ours. And we make sure they’re supported 24/7.

But there’s still a lot of work to do. 99% of our biggest problems are ahead of us. Over the coming years, we plan to launch more products in more countries, introducing and to grow into one of the most impactful financial services companies.

Since launch, we have been the quickest growing insurtech in Europe. We are currently turning over more than $100m per annum, have raised over $45m, and are signing up 10k new customers per month. We are one of the only UK based insurtechs to own our own insurance company - giving us total control of the entire value chain, from sign-up and pricing through to claims affording us the unrivaled ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We have a huge advantage over incumbents due to machine learning, automation, owning our own technology stack, comprehensive data integrations, seamless design and a "move fast”, honest culture. We are a team of over 100 and counting, have a 4.6* Trustpilot score, and are championed by deep-pocketed investors who have backed the likes of N26, Spotify, Transferwise and Monzo. We have also been named one of London’s best startups to work for here.

Culture and values

You move fas t - A champion of ideas that turn into big wins and big impact - fast! You know that tough decisions can be made just as quickly as small ones, and you choose to learn from your mistakes. Not dwell on them.

You’re open and honest - You’re an open book, and you thrive when surrounded by other open books. You crave input and feedback, and use it build the best version of yourself. You also understand the value of returning the favour, doing it little and often.

You take ownership - You’re a doer, with real confidence in your work. You work hard to bring your ideas to life, and you put your hands up when things go wrong. Self development is your jam, and you know that when you get better, so does Marshmallow.

You're selfless - A real cheerleader for the pack, you know success is always sweeter when it’s shared. You offer up your knowledge, ideas and insights freely. And your willingness to get your hands dirty inspires those around you to go the extra mile, too.

You're a pioneer - Innovation is your fuel! There’s no one like you for thinking outside the box, and nothing makes you happier than answering questions that haven’t been asked yet. You wear your failures on your sleeve, and encourage others to do the same.

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Facts and figures
  • Number of employees: 51 to 250
Industry sectors
  • Banking, Insurance & Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Investment Banking & Fund Management
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Finance
  • Operations