James De Lord


James De Lord

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

Mott MacDonald

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I am a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, working with the Tunnel & Ventilation team. I joined the team in February 2021 and am enjoying the role hugely. Most of my time is spent working on a design project for a subway system in Vancouver. Tunnel & Ventilation was completely alien to me when I started but thanks to how supportive and helpful my team has been I am learning new concepts quickly and I really enjoy being able to apply them almost straight away! It's not all sitting at a desk either, I have managed to get onsite and take measurements myself which really helped solidify my understanding of complex concepts.

Alongside this work I take part in the Accelerating your Future scheme which is providing me with training to develop skills outside of engineering, such as project management and building strong relationships. This is fantastic as I am also able to meet fellow graduates from all over the country. This is a great way to network, you can always find someone to get support from whenever you need as they have probably been in a similar situation.

There is a large scope for roles outside of your team as well; I am also a sustainability liaison to the Principal Account leads, which allows me to help the company behave more sustainably and help make life a little bit greener. I have also been lucky enough to present to the company at sustainability week through this role, which was terrifying at first but enjoyable once I got stuck in. The company has also provided me with the opportunities to learn Spanish, contribute to the Railways Newsletter and even become a fire warden!

As a consultant, I am finding that everyday is different; you can switch between projects and work on many different things which helps you develop a huge variety of skills very quickly. This is incredibly useful when working towards Professional Chartership.

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