Employee Spotlight - Ves


Employee Spotlight - Ves

Chief Operating Officer


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Position - Chief Operating Officer

Location - London

University - University of Oxford

Degree - Economics & Management

Joined Operis - September 2004

After graduating, I came across Operis which sounded a bit different and like a good mix of the sort of roles I had been considering. The interview process was fun: everyone was was friendly and engaging, and the work sounded interesting.

The infrastructure and energy projects we work on involve actual, tangible assets so, while I was working in finance, it felt more real than some finance roles might. You could drive on roads that we had worked on; a colleague even had an operation in one of the hospitals we advised on!

After progressing in the analytical team, I became a Director and most recently COO where I work closely with our CEO to deliver the company's corporate strategy and ensure the smooth running of the business support teams. I no longer work actively on projects, but my knowledge of the “hands on” stuff has been invaluable in my involvement in managing the business. I have been fortunate to have had an opportunity to work through a variety of roles at Operis and continue to learn and develop different skills.

Operis has also been supportive in terms of the flexibility I have enjoyed since becoming a parent enabling me to balance my career with my personal life.

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