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Pump Court Tax Chambers is the largest specialist tax chambers. Litigation and advisory work is undertaken on all aspects of tax law, both personal and corporate, including professional negligence. Many members of Chambers act for HMRC as well as for taxpayers. Tax practice involves difficult statutory interpretation, EU law (especially but not only in VAT) and a good knowledge of chancery and common law concepts (e.g. contracts, trusts, company law and land law): a tax question may depend on the operation of a trust or the interpretation of a contract, and many recent developments in restitution have occurred in tax cases argued by members of these chambers. Junior practice involves independent and led work. Litigation is more likely to involve being in court every few weeks than every few days, and tax cases range from purely legal disputes lasting a day to multiple week witness trials. Members regularly appear in the Supreme Court and the CJEU.

There is no need for a pupil to have any previous experience of tax law. What is required is a good general legal knowledge, as well as a facility for interpreting the often difficult statutory provisions and explaining these clearly to clients (and judges). Commercial awareness, clear thinking and a creative mind will help find practical solutions to the problems presented.

We offer funded mini-pupillages. We will be accepting applications through the Pupillage Gateway this year. Further details regarding both pupillages and mini-pupillages can be found on our website.

Application details

Application details for mini-pupillages and pupillages can be found on the Chambers website. Sponsored students are not accepted. Generally, an upper second class degree is required.


Chambers is committed to ensuring that everyone working in Chambers including pupils and mini-pupils can participate fully in Chambers life. Chambers will make reasonable adjustments where necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any more information relating to the accessibility of Chambers.

Chambers can accommodate wheelchair users both during the application process and whilst working in Chambers.

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