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How did you join PwC? Women in Business programme, Graduate
Team: Business Restructuring Services, Deals, Leeds

Tell us about your role

My first experience with the firm was taking part in the 3-day Deals Women in Business placement. This allowed me to learn about each of the four business units that make up Deals; Business Restructuring Services, Forensic Services, Corporate Finance and Transaction Services.

Following my placement, I was able to undertake an interview and was subsequently offered a place on the graduate programme before starting my final year of university.

I’m currently on the One Deals Graduate programme which means that over the next three years I'll rotate between four different teams within the Deals practice, gaining experience in each to become an experienced Deals expert. After my graduate programme I’ll return to my home business unit, Business Restructuring Services (BRS).

BRS generally involves dealing with companies that have become insolvent, i.e. have gone into administration, liquidation or other. As an advisor I'll work with companies to obtain the best possible outcome for creditors, this can involve selling the company on a tight timeframe, realising the company’s assets, attempting to turn the company around to keep it trading alongside other possibilities.

I’m currently working in the Insolvency Management Team (IMT), a technical insolvency team who look after the insolvency of a company from start to finish; which sometimes can take several years. As part of my graduate programme, I’ll also spend time in Forensics and Corporate Finance.

What do you enjoy most?

The best part about my role is the abundance of learning opportunities available. As part of the One Deals programme, I’ll gain experience in different business units whilst completing the prestigious ACA accountancy qualification and going on various training courses to improve both my technical and soft skills.

What's your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me is being able to take part in all opportunities that are available at the firm. There’s an abundance of acitivities to get involved in such as sports teams, social committees, interesting projects, training, and team challenges, I wish I had the time to do it all.

What has been your biggest surprise about a career in PwC?

The biggest surprise for me upon joining PwC was how much the firm is willing to invest in you as an individual. From the start, PwC wants to provide every opportunity for you to grow and develop. For example, within the first month of joining I was able to take part in the International Deals Foundation Event, in Madrid. Over 300 graduates, from 28 different territories joined together for a week of training, presentations and general fun. The event allowed us to network with our peers from all over the world as well as existing PwC employees from associates to partners.

What have you achieved at PwC that you are most proud of?

I believe that Deals will see a massive transformation digitally over the next few years. We’ll be taking advantage of software such as Alteryx, Tableux and Power BI to streamline what would usually be very monotonous processes and in turn deliver more efficiency for our clients. It’s an amazing learning opportunity and an exciting time for anyone joining the firm whilst this transformation takes place.

Describe your time at PwC in 3 words

Exciting, Interesting, Opportunity

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