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How did you join PwC?

Women in Business programme, Graduate programme

Team: Banking & Capital Markets, Audit, Manchester

Tell us about your role

I currently work in Banking & Capital Markets within our Audit business, with clients such as Fintech lending banks, Private Equity and Building Societies. On a general level, my role involves testing various financial statement line items such as Interest Income, Loans, and Advances to customers and EIR calculation, applicable for the Fintechs and Building societies, and Valuation and Investment testing for the Private Equity.

What do you enjoy most?

The flexibility and the constant learning opportunity provided - I work with different clients and different businesses albeit in the Financial Services sector, so no two clients are the same which keeps my role challenging and exciting

What's your biggest challenge?

I take stride in wanting to improve myself and increase my technical knowledge so I continuously challenge myself. I feel I have a good grasp on the work-life balance so for now do not find any challenge with the job.

What has been your biggest surprise about a career in PwC?

The flexibility its afforded me to continue growing even outside work with the understanding of the partners, managers and fellow associates. For example, I’m taking evening French classes which i’ve been doing since I started PwC and this requires me to leave work a little bit earlier to meet the classes.

What have you achieved at PwC that you are most proud of?

I’m still at an early stage of my career but passing 10 of my ACA exams with 5 more to go has been a real achievement so far.

What do you think the future holds for Audit at PwC?

I think audit is going to experience phenomenal change, particularly with the increase in the proliferation of technology. The majority of the job can be automated, and once this is implemented in the work we do, there will be more focus on judgemental areas, which will create an exciting learning opportunity for both current auditors and those aspiring to be one.

Describe your time at PwC in 3 words

A developmental experience

Spotlight organisations

Get inspired