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Jessica joined our Management Consulting graduate programme in 2016 and is now not only a Manager in our People and Organisation team, but also the Empowerment Lead for the Jewish Network.

“I’m really proud to be an active member of PwC’s Jewish Network and of the amazing turn out at our employee volunteering days and wider educational events. It’s great to see so many people interested in learning about others' faiths and traditions - for example at a recent virtual faith network event almost 300 people joined to listen and share what faith meant to them.”

Before joining PwC Jess wasn’t aware of the many people networks within PwC and it’s one of the reasons she’s chosen to share her story. For her, it’s a great way to meet others and also raise awareness of our Inclusion events for those looking to join PwC.

Outside of work Jessica lives in London with her fiancé Elliot and prior to the covid pandemic they spent a lot of their free time travelling the world. The couple even got engaged in Argentina and plan to marry in Spain later in 2021. Jessica has always liked to ‘give back’ to her community and would often spend time on the weekends volunteering at local care homes as part of a monthly volunteering programme for young professionals in London. Before joining PwC, Jessica was also a Maths teacher on the Teach First programme, so giving back and helping others really is important to her.

Fortunately this relates to her role in the People and Organisation (P&O) Consulting team. Over the last few years Jessica's specialised in the design and implementation of large transformation programmes with private sector and government clients facing complex organisation-wide change. Our P&O teams support clients to build a workforce equipped for the future, align their operating models to their strategic objectives and implement effective people centred change.

“One of my proudest achievements has been seeing the transformation of a government client over the two year period that I worked on their reform programme. Our contributions to their new operating model, people strategy, and transformed processes resulted in clear visible changes which positively impact the everyday lives of many general public users. It’s fascinating to be involved with and help lead this kind of important work."

Working in Consultancy does also have its challenges, especially if you’re juggling home life with your work life. The unpredictable nature of Consulting means that client projects can be paused or restarted often with short notice, and can involve our people needing to be ready to work from locations across the country. For Jess, this was something which took time to get used to, but did mean that she’s had the opportunity to meet and work with lots of great people - some of whom are now her closest friends.

As part of International Women’s Day 2021, Jessica not only wants to raise awareness of female promotions and successes within PwC, but also the need for empowerment of women across the professional services sector.

“I think it’s important for girls and women everywhere to feel empowered to be who they want to be, both in a work environment and on a more personal level with their friends and family. PwC is a place that champions inclusion and equality of opportunity, and I’m proud to work for a company which encourages its employees to bring their ‘whole’ selves to work.

I think it’s so important to make an effort to understand our colleagues on a more personal level, to know what matters to them, and to recognise the value that each individual is able to bring.”

Throughout her career at PwC Jess’ had support from her peers and mentors within the firm to develop her own learning and continue to challenge herself. Part of this has been taking on the role of Empowerment Lead within the Jewish Network, which includes organising bi-annual volunteering events across the UK and creating awareness campaigns linked to key events and festivals throughout the year. It’s important for our people to feel they are supported when they take time away from their client work to spend on their own personal goals.

Flexibility means different things for everyone, and for Jess, it means having the time to be part of the Jewish Network, give back to her local community, and be part of awareness events like our International Women’s Day.

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