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RedTech Recruitment are an emerging talent recruitment company based in Cambridge, UK, in the heart of Silicon Fen.

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RedTech focuses on finding career opportunities for STEM Graduates through to Ph.D. Researchers looking for their first role in industry within science and technology companies.

We have dealt with thousands of candidates in your position and our absolute priority is ensuring that the experience you have with RedTech exceeds expectations.

We understand it’s a nerve-wracking time when you’re about to graduate, or looking to take your first step on the industry career path. RedTech are highly experienced in supporting people through this transitional period. We understand everyone is different and may need different levels of support from us when moving through an application process. Whether it is ideas of careers open to your background, advice on how to write a CV (ask us for our free CV template), or understanding how to nail an interview, we can usually help! If you’re confident with all of the above, that’s great too.

We offer lots of advice and support for STEM graduates through to Post-doc Researchers, when moving through a recruitment process with RedTech Recruitment including:

  • CV writing advice
  • Careers advice
  • Interview preparation and advice
  • Support and guidance through offer stages

With consistent 5* reviews, RedTech offers exceptional service to clients and candidates. Whether you are a company looking to source the top academic talent, or you are a high-calibre Graduate leaving academia and want a career in tech, RedTech would love to hear from you.

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