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STL Partners is a boutique research and consulting firm who works with clients in the telecoms and technology space to deliver growth through business model innovation. Our core proposition is that “We enable our telecoms and technology clients to make the world run better”, especially as we enter The Coordination Age, whereby connectivity and digital technology becomes an inherent tool to solve everyday problems.

Since 2006, we have supported clients globally through our reports and tools in our Research business and strategic advisory services in Consulting. Our customers vary from large, telecoms operators (e.g. Vodafone, Verizon) to technology giants (e.g. Microsoft, Intel) to digital innovators and start-ups.

We pride ourselves on the culture that we have grown and that our employees adopt. This is made up of 5 key pillars:

  1. Entrepreneurial: Creative, forward-thinking and driving initiatives
  2. Responsible: Self-starting, supportive and looking to support and champion the work of others
  3. Friendly: Fun, informal and recognise that socialising means different things for different people
  4. Meritocratic: Flat structure, consensus-driven and placing the importance on listening to everyone’s ideas
  5. Distinctive: Bold, setting high standards and driving industry thought leadership

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