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I applied for the Product Specialist position as I was looking to be able to challenge myself and escape the same old 9-5. I needed to contribute towards something greater, rather than purely make profit for massive companies, and in this role I get to improve the skills and confidence of individuals knowing that the impact of this will be an improved healthcare system around the world, for both staff and patients. Most recently I have been involved in the training at healthcare clinics in Saudi Arabia and it’s been so rewarding seeing them grow in confidence as they get ready to use the system.

I didn’t have any experience in healthcare or IT before I started at TPP, but the great support network here has meant I’ve been able to learn everything on the job. Once we have learned the system thoroughly, we are involved in such a wide range of activities. While primarily delivering system training to end users, it also includes showcasing the system at events or demonstrations, leading classroom based training sessions and supporting new and existing units using our software.

One of my favourite parts of the job is that TPP is full of outgoing characters who are really positive about their work which makes a huge difference to the work approach. TPP also offers an outstanding benefits package, the best I have ever heard of in the UK, including an annual sailing course – I never dreamt I would be learning how to sail yachts in the Caribbean.

Through the work and experiences in this role, I have grown and developed in so many areas and my confidence has improved substantially. I’m proud to be a part of the team at TPP and I am so glad I took the leap to change career when I did.

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