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Megan Bowbrick

Business Analyst


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I chose Travelport as when I was going through the hiring process, they really made me feel as though they were looking at me, rather than my CV or my Education. They got to know me & provided me the platform to showcase my best self.

My strategy internship at Travelport proved to be a both invaluable and thoroughly enjoyable experience. My work was challenging yet rewarding and made a real impact on how the business operated and giving me excellent exposure to senior employees.

A large focus was placed on my personal development through development sessions, mentoring and training from my team. Furthermore, the 'Corporate Social Responsibility' aspect of the internship allowed the interns to work together to make a real positive impact on the local community, whilst having a lot of fun.

Following my time as the Strategy Intern at Travelport, I was delighted to be asked to return as a full time Business Analyst where I support our Commercial Operations function.

Not only this, but I am delighted to be supporting our UK Intern Programme as a coordinator, taking my experiences as an intern to help develop & improve the programme in order for it to be a true game-changing experience.

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