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Wine, Gastronomy and Management

This very practical and hands on Diploma is one of the UK’s most innovative and professional wine programmes that ties the theory of wine knowledge in with field trips to renowned wineries, breweries and distilleries.

Developed by Le Cordon Bleu London’s Master Sommelier, students will learn how to turn a concept into a business venture, how to support a strategic business plan and how to brand and market a product before the course culminates in a pop up wine tasting event.

The comprehensive programme which is taught through practical learning is aimed at those who want to turn their passion for food and wine into their career. This Le Cordon Bleu Diploma is the first step to becoming equipped with the skills to succeed and excel in a commercial environment.

Entry requirements

High school diploma or equivalent, evidence of English language. All students must be aged 18 years or over.

Course modules

  • Wine sensory analysis
  • Wine producing Countries and Regions
  • Wine production
  • Other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages
  • Market research and business
  • Hospitality and events
  • Distribution
  • Management
  • Food and wine matching

Approx 22 hours per week

Entry requirements

High school diploma or equivalent, evidence of English language. All students must be aged 18 years or over.

  • Over 500 wines tasted
  • Guest speakers from the industry
  • Access to various professional tastings
  • Field trips to wineries, brewery and distillery in France and UK
  • Multiple networking opportunities

Course modules

Drawing from the expertise of our Master Sommelier and Le Cordon Bleu Lecturers, this Level 4 diploma combines essential wine theory with a hands-on and practical approach: advanced knowledge and skills in wine and gastronomy as well as a focus on management. It is composed of two terms of 3 months each. Wine and Gastronomy (Term 1)Prerequisite: none

  • Wine sensory analysis: grasp and assimilate the techniques to become competent in the art of wine tasting through the development of structured tasting notes and learn how to describe wine in a precise and concise fashion
  • Wine production: explains viticulture, winemaking, maturation and bottling, in the context of climate, geography and topography. You will visit British wineries in different seasons
  • Wine producing countries and regions: learn the specifics of each region and wine producing country, from the history, to the winemaking processes, with a focus on France, Italy and the fine sparkling wine regions of the world. Topics covered include an examination of the regional qualities of the wine, its terroir, climate and culture. The course will be supported by in-house tastings and professional fairs
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: advanced knowledge on beverages that can be offered as an alternative to wine. Students will develop a structured method to assess all drinks with the same efficiency as applied to wine
  • Food and wine matching: drawing from the expertise of Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs, students will experience food and wine pairing with both theoretical and practical understanding. Includes educational lunches in restaurants
  • Hospitality and events: this unit focuses on wine service, covering different styles of service and highlighting the techniques required to optimise the flavour of a wine
  • Professional development: enhance learning, study and communication skills to facilitate the student integration into the wine and beverage trade
  • Field visits: during the term, students will visit different wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants in the UK, and participate in various trade tastings and wine events

Wine and ManagementPrerequisite: Wine and Gastronomy (Term 1)

  • Wine sensory analysis: refine methodical sensory evaluation techniques, and develop blind tasting skills
  • Wine producing countries and regions: further explore exceptional wines from a number of different origins around the world
  • Beverage management: learn the technical and theoretical knowledge to effectively manage a wine and beverage department. This unit includes people management, procurement and cost control
  • Distribution and commercialisation: explores the journey between winery and consumer and how to identify the right approach to distribute a product. This module includes branding, pricing methods and consumer behaviour
  • Market research and business: this module is designed to equip student with the skills required to excel within a commercial environment. Students will learn how to use market research to turn a concept into a viable business venture, focusing on branding, consumer experience and marketing strategy
  • Professional development: this unit certifies students to Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holder awarded by Highfield Qualifications
  • Field visits: during the term, students will visit different wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants in the UK and France. They will also participate in various trade tastings and wine events.

Assessment methods

Graduates of our Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management will acquire a thorough understanding of the world of wines, spirits & beverages and the proficiency to become an accomplished wine and food professional. Students completing this unique programme will boast a skill set which will set them apart in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Examples of potential positions:

  • Wine merchant / retailer
  • Hospitality careers e.g. sommelier
  • Wine business entrepreneur
  • Wine journalist / broadcaster
  • Wine buyer
  • Wine consultant
  • Events coordinator

This diploma course has been accredited under an “Investing in Quality” licence from national awarding organisation NCFE, and the course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 4 using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors.


The course fee includes learning materials, subscription to Jancis Robinson's Purple Pages, personal licence course.


Qualification Study mode Start month Fee Fee locale Course duration
Diploma Full-time £ 12,500 () Home/EU 6 Months

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