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Dubai Maritime

This LLM (Master of Maritime Law) programme, which is now being offered in Dubai, is designed to benefit experienced professionals and executives involved in the shipping markets and sectors, and those companies which provide services to the shipping industries. Officials working in the maritime and international trade sector will also benefit from the highly commercial approach taken in the delivery of the programme.

The LLM will give top shipping professionals an invaluable exposure to international maritime and trade law, whilst legally qualified professionals will also benefit from the specialist nature of the programme with notably very few maritime law specific programmes available in the Middle East. Non legal professionals involved in the maritime and maritime services sector will gain deep insights into the practical workings of maritime and trade law.

The programme is delivered in intensive block format by our own UK-based faculty and wholly by scheduled UAE weekend classes. It will be attractive to those who are able to travel to Dubai from the region.

The programme welcomes applicants who have a good degree in any related discipline and/or relevant work experience, including ambitious and highly motivated recent graduates. A specialist qualification in international maritime law will undoubtedly enhance career prospects.

Entry requirements

LLM: We are interested in receiving applications from individuals with a good honours undergraduate degree in law, business, maritime studies, or a related field from an internationally recognised institution. Applicants without formal undergraduate education but with significant and relevant work experience and/or training are very welcome to apply.

In reaching our admission decisions we will take account of:

Academic performance
Reasons for choice of courses/career
Evidence of intellectual ability
Relevant work experience/activity

Course modules

Core Modules:

Introductory Course: 8 hours covering Introduction to the English Legal System; Library induction; training on legal research and writing; Contract Law principles.
International Trade Law: 24 hours (taught over three weekends). This module will examine the law of international sale contracts paying specific emphasis to trade terms (such as FOB, CIF, CFR, etc.) which are relevant to shipping. The module will examine the role of documents (including electronic documents) in the facilitation of international trade. There will be some discussion about the legal duties of the seller and buyer of cargo. Last but not least, there will be a study of the law relating to the financing of trade.
Marine Insurance: 24 hours (taught over three weekends). You will learn how the marine insurance market works; then going on to look at the key legal concepts in marine insurance - including insurable interest, utmost good faith, materiality, etc. There is also emphasis on insurable loss and causation. In respect of insurance cover, both perils of the sea and the Inchmaree clause are discussed along with standard exceptions, wilful misconduct and proof. The module also deals with third party Issues (such as subrogation) and the new Insurance Act 2015.
Admiralty Law: 24 hours (taught over three weekends). This module covers all the principal issues in respect of Admiralty law and practice. These include claims in rem, maritime liens and ship arrest; ownership and registration of ships; shipbuilding contracts; salvage and collisions and oil pollution from ships. The module also covers relevant aspects of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995.
Carriage of Goods by Sea: 24 hours (taught over three weekends). The module covers all the main types of charterparties: Time, voyage and demise. It also considers the standard forms of charterparties and provides a legal analysis of some of the clauses. It also examines the law in respect of bills of lading. It then goes on to look at the modern application of the Hague Visby rules and the Hamburg rules. The module also considers several other major aspects of carriage of goods, the law of freight, hire, laytime and demurrage.
Dissertation of 20,000 words. You will be provided one to one supervision to write this major piece of research.

Assessment methods

The modules, which comprise the degree, will be assessed by coursework only. It is
considered that students on this programme will obtain the greatest academic benefit
and satisfaction from researching a topic, reflecting on it and providing considered
arguments in relation to it, as well as affording the opportunity to explore particular topics
in greater depth.
You will be offered a range of assessment titles in each subject enabling you to
demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues and to respond to
the most up to date information available.
The dissertation requirement reflects the assumption, and the concerns of employers,
that an LLM graduate should display a high standard of competence in research and a
capacity for original thought. Supervision of dissertations ensures that expert guidance is
available to all.
Assessment Criteria are descriptions, based on the intended learning outcomes, of the
skills, knowledge or attitudes that you need to demonstrate in order to complete an
assessment successfully, providing a mechanism by which the quality of an assessment
can be measured. Grade- Related Criteria are descriptions of the level of skills,
knowledge or attributes that you need to demonstrate in order achieve a certain grade or
mark in an assessment, providing a mechanism by which the quality of an assessment
can be measured and placed within the overall set of marks. Assessment Criteria and
Grade-Related Criteria will be made available to you to support you in completing
assessments. These may be provided in programme handbooks, module specifications,
on the virtual learning environment or attached to a specific assessment task.


Qualification Study mode Start month Fee Fee locale Course duration
LLM Part-time October 2019 22,500 (Whole course) Scotland 14 Months
LLM Part-time October 2019 22,500 (Whole course) EU 14 Months
LLM Part-time October 2019 22,500 (Whole course) England 14 Months
LLM Part-time October 2019 22,500 (Whole course) International 14 Months
LLM Part-time October 2019 22,500 (Whole course) Northern Ireland 14 Months
LLM Part-time October 2019 22,500 (Whole course) Wales 14 Months

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