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The MSc in Robotics will provide you with the ability to understand, design and implement modern robotic systems. Robotics is increasingly prominent in a variety of sectors, from manufacturing and health to remote exploration of hostile environments such as space and the deep sea, and as autonomous and semi-autonomous systems that interact with people physically and socially.

This programme exposes you to a wide range of advanced engineering and computer science concepts, with the opportunity to carry out a practical robot project at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, one of the UK's most comprehensive robotics innovation facilities and a leading centre of robotics research.

The programme is jointly awarded and jointly delivered by the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, both based in Bristol, and therefore draws on the combined expertise, facilities and resources of the two universities. The Bristol Robotics Laboratory is a collaborative research partnership between the two universities with a vision to transform robotics by pioneering advances in autonomous robot systems that can behave intelligently with minimal human supervision.

NB: Teaching for this programme is delivered at both the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England campuses. Students attending the programme will be given free transport passes to travel between the two universities.

Entry requirements

An upper second-class honours degree in engineering, physics, mathematics or a related subject. Other disciplines will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

See international equivalent qualifications on the International Office website.

Course modules

The programme comprises a number of core and optional units. During your second semester, you will start working on a substantial piece of research work that will make up one third of the overall MSc. It is possible to work on this project at Bristol Robotics Laboratory or in conjunction with one of our many industrial partners. Within the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, there are a number of themes from which projects may be chosen. These may include:

Aerial robots
Assisted living
Bioenergy and self-sustainable systems
Biomimetics and neuro-robotics
Medical robotics
Nonlinear robotics
Robot vision
Safe human-robot interaction
Self-reparing robotic systems
Smart automation
Soft robotics
Morphological computation
Swarm robotics
Tactile robotics
Unconventional computation in robots
Verification and validation for safety in robots
Further information is available from the Faculty of Engineering or visit our programme catalogue for full details of the structure and unit content for our MSc in Robotics. (

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