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Executive Master of Business Administration

The Executive MBA is a taught programme delivered by experienced internal and visiting faculty, and complemented by guest practitioner speakers from industry and the professions. Over a two year period, the Executive MBA combines short intensive bursts of classroom interaction with online support. This programme will next commence in September 2018.

Successful businesses in the future will be those that can confidently and capably steer a path through a world characterised by intense competition, rapid technological development, economic turbulence and increasing resource insecurity.

Businesses need leaders who can think and act strategically in this volatile environment, managing the risk and challenges involved, but also spotting and seizing opportunities for efficiency, innovation and new business models. Businesses also need leaders who will act responsibly in delivering value to all stakeholders.

The Edinburgh MBA will prepare participants to progress with confidence into leadership roles in this new world. We will deepen participants' understanding of how businesses and markets work, how value is created through innovation and marketing, how strategies are crafted, how businesses are financed, how performance is measured, how value is delivered efficiently and effectively, and how organisations should be governed, managed and led through change.

The programme aims to develop leaders who:

- demonstrate a strategic mind-set and skill-set

- recognise their role as responsible stewards of financial, social and natural capital

- are capable of leading improvement, change and innovation in organisations

- are confident and capable critical thinkers and decision-makers

- have an international perspective

- value and take advantage of the benefits of collaborative and lifelong learning

We will instil a passion for business improvement, innovation and entrepreneurial action to help participants lead in the growth or creation of new business opportunities. We will develop participants' ability to think strategically and beyond disciplinary silos. Successful leadership also requires accomplished interpersonal skills to bring about change in organisations. Through coaching and skills training, we will work with participants to understand their leadership strengths and weaknesses and provide support for improvement.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for individual programmes vary, so please check the details for the specific programme you wish to apply for on the University of Edinburgh website.

You will also need to meet the University's language requirements.

Course modules

See the University of Edinburgh website for detailed programme information.


Applicants receiving an offer of admission, either unconditional or conditional, will be asked to pay a tuition fee deposit of £1,500 within 28 days to secure their place on the programme.
In addition to tuition fees, participants will pay for their texts for elective courses, Capstone Project expenses, travel to and from the University, accommodation during their studies, and any travel involved in completing courses or exchanges as part the programme.

Strategic Leadership Certificate Fees will be available shortly and are estimated to be around £9,033. Applicants receiving an offer of admission will be asked to pay a tuition fee deposit of £500 within 28 days to secure their place.
Additional costs that need to also be considered include: course books and travel to and from the University as well as accommodation during the courses if you are currently based elsewhere in the UK or Europe.

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