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International Commercial Law and Practice (Online Learning)

This programme aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of how international commercial law operates in practice, with a range of course options that reflect the interests, experience and industry focus of our academic staff.

Globalisation and developments in technology have led to a marked increase in international trade in goods and services, in international investment, and in the development of global financial markets. In parallel, the world of international commerce has seen major growth in the regulation of commercial activity at a national and international level, and in international litigation and arbitration. This LLM aims to help you understand the international context in which business currently operates.

The programme focuses on the legal responses to the developments shaping international commerce today, as lawyers and business professionals are increasingly required to look beyond domestic law to find solutions appropriate to their international business needs and opportunities.

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for individual programmes vary, so please check the details for the specific programme you wish to apply for on our website. You will also need to meet the University's language requirements.

Course modules

Students must successfully complete six courses, four of which must be compulsory courses, and a dissertation during their chosen duration of study.
Courses listed below are for the 2018/19 academic year
• Contract Law in Europe
• Corporate Compliance: Case Studies in Law & Ethics
• European Competition and Innovation
• Law of Climate Change
• Principles of International Taxation
• Comparative and International Corporate Governance
• Dispute Resolution Methods
• International Law, Human Rights and Corporate Accountability
• International Oil and Gas Law

. / Students can also choose courses within the areas of intellectual property law, information technology, innovation and medical ethics.

See our website for detailed programme information.


Applicants receiving an unconditional offer of admission will be asked to pay a deposit of £1,000 within 28 days to secure their place on the programme or by the start of the orientation period, whichever is sooner.

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