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The research clusters are: analytical science: nanoscale analytical science; scanning probe microscopy; polymers at surfaces; atomic force microscopy; nanotechnology; size exclusion chromatography; (plus many more); chemical biology: protein chemistry; mutagenesis; protein-protein interactions; amyloid formation; breast cancer; enzymology; ribozymes; biophysical methods; calorimetry; nucleic acid chemistry; DNA probes; drug design; plus many more; materials: adhesives; morphology; fibre; film and foam formation; flame retardance; size exclusion chromatography; electroluminscent polymers; organic semiconductors; polymer synthesis; drug delivery vehicles; plus many more; synthesis: homogeneous and polymer supported catalysis with transition-metal complexes; reactivity and reaction mechanisms of organometallic complexes; new organic synthetic pathways using transition metal complexes; asymmetric synthetic methodology and asymmetric catalysis; plus many more; and theory and spectroscopy: high temperature gases; photochemistry; high-resolution laser spectroscopy; molecular properties; ring currents; aromaticity; quantum dynamics; reactive scattering; bioinformatics; Gaussian methods for drug docking.

Assessment methods

Assessment is by research project.


Qualification Study mode Start month Fee Fee locale Course duration
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD Part-time September 2017 6 Years
Master of Philosophy - MPhil Full-time September 2017 2 Years
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD Full-time September 2017 3 Years
Master of Philosophy - MPhil Part-time September 2017 4 Years

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