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Graduate careers in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland’s third largest city, is known for its oil and gas industry. Graduate quantity surveyors and engineers are sought on an ongoing basis by big name recruiters.


Graduate careers in Dundee

Retail and manufacturing are key areas for graduate employment in Dundee, and the city is also responsible for much of the UK's digital entertainment industry.


Graduate careers in Edinburgh

As you’d expect from a capital city, Edinburgh’s businesses and organisations employ a wide range of graduates across career sectors, including finance, engineering and the arts.


Graduate careers in Glasgow

Glasgow grew to greatness during the Industrial Revolution. Its steel and shipbuilding industries have since declined, but it has developed a thriving financial district.


How do you get a teaching job in Scotland?

Find out how to get a teaching job in Scotland and the role of the Teacher Induction Scheme for probationer teachers.


How to qualify as a solicitor in Scotland

Olivia Parker, careers development officer at the Law Society of Scotland, and Catriona King of the Faculty of Advocates, describe the practical stage in the Scottish qualification process to become a solicitor or advocate.


PEAT 1: the qualification you'll need to practise law in Scotland

Olivia Parker, careers development officer at the Law Society of Scotland, talks you through the vocational course all aspiring solicitors and advocates in Scotland need to take before embarking on a traineeship (as Scottish training contracts are known).


Where in the UK are you most likely to get a graduate job?

Find out about where you are most likely to be offered a graduate job in the UK and beyond.