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(based on 4 ratings in 2019)


"I was really impressed with the work culture at EY-Parthenon. Within the office, everyone works hard but it's always a friendly atmosphere. We have lunch delivered to the office every Friday and we eat together. We'll usually go for drinks on a Friday evening. As an intern, you don't just feel included but everyone makes an extra effort to get to know you. We have around two social activities per month, which most people go to and is always a lot of fun."
Intern, London
"There are a lot of socials for the whole office throughout the summer, which helps us to get to know everyone."
Intern, London
"We don't have a face-time culture. Lots of social events are organised throughout the summer (at least five or six), there are after-work drinks and lunch is delivered for the whole office every Friday. On one day, the whole office took the day off work to play in a volleyball tournament to raise money for charity."
Intern, London


"Excellent. Everyone was friendly and people took the culture very seriously. There were lots of events organised throughout the summer as well as informal meetups with the rest of the team."
Intern, London
"The culture at Parthenon is brilliant. Summer events are organised most weeks for the interns, which the whole office gets involved in. There is also a weekly 'Friday lunch' where the first years order in food for the office and everyone eats together."
Intern, London
"The culture at the firm was great, with every representative of the firm being approachable and helpful (in the office) and very fun (after hours). As an intern, I was definitely made to feel like a part of the team – not just through the events organised but also through my individual interactions with the associates, consultants, and vice-presidents."
Intern, London


"There were lots of social activities over the summer and special efforts are made to involve summer interns - this goes a long way towards building an inclusive culture."
Intern, London
"Interns are very much part of the Parthenon family. Although it was a hard group to break into at first because everyone was so tight, after a while, I felt I was integrated."
Consulting, Intern, London
"The small office has a very social and cohesive culture."
Consulting, London
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