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From tips on getting hired by professional services firms to learning what makes a successful leader, get the careers advice you need to launch your business, consulting or management career.
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targetjobs and top employers are here to help advise you about the fast-paced sectors of business, consulting and management. Consulting is all about helping companies adapt to change and thrive. Management roles attract high-achieving problem solvers who are not afraid to take the lead. Business careers involve working for an employer – big, small, global or otherwise – to stay in profit (and ideally increase profit). When most people think of business careers, they think of careers where there is fast career progression, high salaries and a certain level of professional status. Learn the top skills employers will be looking for, how to navigate the application process and the job roles and internships on offer.

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Securing yourself a job

How do I get a graduate job in business, consulting and management?

Master the first steps to getting a job in these competitive sectors. Good preliminary research will be essential so that you understand the roles on offer and can differentiate between employers, whether you’re looking for a graduate job in management or keen to get started in consulting .

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Getting hired

Get ready to impress

Learn how you can develop your business acumen ready for a graduate role.

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Give your application and CV a boost

Our free online mini-courses, known as Pathways, can help you develop the key skills and confidence that will boost your employability when it comes to applying for graduate jobs in business, management and consulting. From developing commercial awareness to improving your teamworking skills, check out what’s on offer.

Building skills and experience

Looking for an internship or work experience?

Getting an internship at a consulting firm

Many consulting firms offer summer internships to students in their penultimate year; competition is tough so read our advice and get ahead.

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Boost your employability

Undergraduate of the Year award

Consider entering the targetjobs Undergraduate of the Year competition, which is aimed at finding the best undergraduates in the UK (there is a management category, among others). Each award is partnered by an employer who provides a fantastic prize for the winner, which could include a paid internship, a trip abroad or other exclusive opportunities. Even just the process of submitting an entry will help you hone and improve your CV.

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Discover what key roles in these sectors really involve, and which would suit you best

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FAQs in business, consulting and management

Yes. Most firms will be looking for a 2.1 or above in any degree subject (although it is not impossible to enter consulting with a 2.2). Consulting employers value the different perspectives and insights that a mix of degree backgrounds can bring to the table.

Employers in business, consulting and management will be looking for you to demonstrate your leadership skills during the application process. You don’t necessarily have to have held a leadership role, but you need to be able to show that you have the potential to be a leader. Read our advice on developing your leadership skills to find out more.

This very much depends on your definition of ‘good’. If you’re looking for a professional role that will challenge you, where you’ll be surrounded by smart colleagues and receive a high salary, then the answer is yes. As business is a broad term, it’s important that you do your research to find the role and the employer that will suit you best: that’s where targetjobs can help.

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Advice for school leavers

Discover the world of options open to you on finishing school or college and get tips on how to make the right decision for you.

CVs, applications and tests

Find the tools and tips you need to help you apply for graduate jobs or internships. We cover every aspect of the application process, from writing a CV to answering online application questions and sitting psychometric tests.

Career ideas

Find advice for figuring out your dream career, including what options are available to you after graduating and how to choose the right graduate role.

Finding a job

Finding a job isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Here we help you to jump potential hurdles, giving essential advice for home and international students: from applying in tough economic times to getting a top graduate job with a 2.2.


Completing an internship allows you to sharpen your skills, improve your CV, prepare for the world of work and potentially land yourself a graduate job. Discover what internships actually involve, how to apply for them and how to make the most of them.

Interviews and assessment centres

You impressed on paper; now it’s time to show the employer in person that you’re the right hire. Learn how to do this with our expert advice for answering interview questions, developing interview techniques and acing assessment centre exercises.

Job descriptions

Discover the qualifications, skills and experience you’ll need for more than 300 job roles and find one you’ll love.

Job offers and working life

Job offers, rejection emails and stepping into the working world with your first graduate job can pull you in a million directions. Fortunately, we’ve curated advice on how to accept job offers, bounce back from rejection and make an impact in your first job.

Skills for getting a job

Discover the skills that major graduate employers seek and how you can demonstrate them on your application form, and at interviews and assessment centres.

University life

Wanting to leave uni with a degree is a given. But what do you want from the other bits of student life? Discover how to combine study, rest, work and play with our insights from students and graduates.

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