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Sparta Global is an award-winning provider of technology training and careers, with more than 3000 Spartans now working in in-demand tech roles.

Who we are

Sparta Global is an award-winning provider of technology training and careers, helping those with the attitude, aptitude, and potential for success to kickstart careers in digital through a fully funded programme. With more than 3000 Spartan consultants now working with our clients, we have connected more than 100 employers with their future leaders.

We believe the future of tech talent must be reflective of society today – innovative, creative, and inclusive. This is why Sparta Global provides award-winning technology training and career opportunities to passionate people from diverse communities – irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic background.

We help graduates, non-graduates, career changers, and returners kickstart their career in technology through funded training programmes in Data, Software Engineering, DevOps, Cyber Security, Business Analysis, Test Automation, and more. Across these programmes we equip our “Spartan” consultants with the technical and collaborative skills they need to hit the ground running in their first roles - powering up their potential to immediately make an impact on projects with our clients.

We now hire, train, and deploy Spartan talent to more than 100 public and private sector organisations across the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the United States.

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Culture and Values

Our values guide our behaviours day-to-day, informing how we act, the decisions we make, and how we work with each other, our clients, the universities we work with, charities and all our stakeholders.

Our Spartans are:

  • Drive: Enterprising, motivated and ambitious.
  • Innovation: Inventive, progressive and inquisitive.
  • Diversity: Inclusive and open-minded.
  • Empathy: Supportive and considerate.
  • Collaboration: Work in synergy with others and are an excellent communicator.
  • Flexibility: Adaptive and level-headed.
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How to become a Spartan

Build a career filled with creativity, opportunity, and longevity. Become a Spartan.

  1. Join: we encourage anyone who can showcase the attitude, aptitude, and potential for success to apply to kickstart a career with us. We do not require applicants to have a STEM background or degree-level education.
  2. Train: you’ll spend 8-10 weeks completing full-time training in your selected specialism. Training is remote, funded by Sparta Global and you’ll be paid a salary throughout.
  3. Work: at the successful completion of your training, you’ll be assigned to work with one of our clients as a Spartan consultant – with contracts lasting an average of 24 months. We now work with more than 100 companies, across almost every industry sector.
  4. Grow: sitting still isn’t an option in tech, so we give our Spartans plenty of opportunities for upskilling. You can access continuous learning pathways through our partnership with Udemy, complete new certifications at our cost, and engage our alumni community for networking.
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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

To work at Sparta Global is to see the world differently, through many different perspectives and with a truly collaborative spirit. We empower our people to be themselves and respect others – its core to our values and what we believe in. This inclusiveness is something we have lived and breathed since we were founded.

We believe in a future where everyone feels included, no matter where they work or live, and diversity is embraced, because we believe a future of inclusion is a better future for all.

Sparta Global is the only B Corp certified hire, train, deploy provider, a top 20 employer for Social Mobility, Princess Royal Training Award winner, and official Women in Tech partner.

In February 2023, we launched Sparta’s Athena Academy – an alternative stream for women to access our training and careers. The Athena Academy empowers women through all-women cohorts, women trainers, and a slightly longer training programme.

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Sparta Global Talent Brochure

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Recruitment Process

  1. Candidates who pass the initial screening are invited to a telephone interview. In this conversation we'll assess your communication skills, motivation, professionalism, and dive deeper into your goals, interests, and background. Do take time to research our company and the role you are applying for.
  2. Successful candidates will progress from the telephone interview and be required to complete a series of online assessments . These assessments will evaluate your technical competence in programming and cognitive abilities - with the focus dependent on your selected role.
  3. Last stage is a competency interview - an opportunity to showcase clear and confident communication of technical concepts and behavioural competencies, supported by relevant examples. We value those who demonstrate their personality, collaboration, and a growth mindset.
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Sparta's Athena Academy

The Athena Academy helps women get confident and get started in a career in technology. We are here to provide the next generation of women in tech with the training and career opportunities who'll innovate, impact and inspire.

Technology needs women; their fresh thinking, diverse perspectives, and passions.

Sparta Global's Athena Academy offers women the chance to enter the technology industry and grow into future tech leaders, accessing award-winning training from an all-women team, and learning alongside a small all-women cohort.

Empowering women leaders

Our Athena Academy is designed for women with the attitude, aptitude, and potential to play a transformative role in technology, but for various reasons, feel they need a sisterhood of support to progress.

Our Athena roles include 12 weeks of funded, paid, female-led training. Although training remotely, our women will be part of an inclusive and supportive learning environment that encourages trainees to share in their wins, losses, and lessons. At the completion of training, we will assign our Athena Spartans to work on-site with our clients in their first, full-time technology role.

Five Reasons to Apply

  • A Dream Role to Find Your Feet

At the completion of training, our Athena Spartans will be assigned to their first tech role – a position on-site with one of our 100 client partners. These emerging roles can lead to exceptional career and salary progression in a short time.

  • A Chance To Ride The Wave

Soon, every job will be a technology job. By developing a digital skillset and gaining experience working in technology, individuals are entering a sector with exceptional career progression, salary, longevity. The sky is the limit.

  • A Brand New Community

With more than 3000 Spartans (past and present), joining our community enables you to meet friends for life. It also gives you an opportunity to have a diverse, professional network - made up of people working in different roles, at different seniorities – at your fingertips.

  • An Inclusive Environment

Diversity and inclusion is in our DNA, and reflected strongly in our community. You’ll have the chance to learn from - and work with - people from all walks of life and entirely different backgrounds. It’s a safe space to be who you want to be.

  • Round-the-clock Support

We are not a recruitment company, or a bootcamp training provider. We do not provide training or place you in a role – then leave you to it. We are on-hand to offer pastoral support and professional support and upskilling 24/7.

Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

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