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targetjobs Awards: shortlisted
targetjobs Awards: shortlisted
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#276 UK 300 student rated overall ranking
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Achieve your ambitions and kick-start your accountancy career at Azets.

Who we are

To work at Azets, you should identify yourself with our core values: collaborative, authentic, respectful and dynamic.

We value people and collaboration above all else, as well as our breadth and depth of expertise offered across our local, national and international offices – both online and on site.

As the future of our business, your voice and opinion matters to us. You will have our full support as you progress through your professional qualification, receiving a wide variety of hands-on experience along the way. You will be mentored and developed by an experienced team, supported by their breadth and depth of expertise. Together, we will strive to provide you with all the support you will need to reach your goals and achieve success.

Are you interested in shaping the future in a new and ambitious company? Would you like to get the opportunity to develop your skills? If yes, it is highly likely that a position in Azets is what you might be looking for. We put great effort into creating a healthy and exciting working environment, fostering a culture of trust and inclusion. We provide you with opportunities – both for professional and personal growth.

We believe advisors should always see the people behind the business and think about their aims and ambitions. We take real pride and pleasure in how our expertise and people can play a meaningful role in helping protect, advise and support our clients.

An active learning environment is important in Azets. We want our employees to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the industry. That is necessary to meet the expectations of the customers and a continuously changing marketplace.

Azets profile image
Azets profile image

Application process

Check out the vacancies to see what we have available in each location. You can only make one application per campus year (1st September to 31st August) so make sure you select the role you feel is the best fit for you. Then you just need to complete the application form. Be honest and complete the form as thoroughly as possible. We don’t ask for cover letters, so you don’t need to spend hours writing this! A recruiter will then screen your application within 5 working days to ensure you meet the requirements for the position.

Situational Judgement Test

You will be asked to complete a multiple-choice Situational Judgement Test. This will be 15 scenarios, with 4 multiple choice options underneath each scenario. All you need to do is select which action you would be most likely to take in this scenario, and which action you would be least likely to take.

Top Tip!

Make sure you answer this honestly, and don’t just put what you think we want to hear. The SJT is the first step to assessing your alignment to our Values and Working Style, so it’s important that you represent your true self. If you aren't successful at this stage, it's not a negative reflection on you, it just may mean that we might not be the best fit for you. Read up on a company's values before answering any SJTs, as this will give you an idea of the working culture.

Maths Test

Depending on the role you’ve applied for, you will be asked to complete either a timed or untimed maths test. The majority of our vacancies will require you to be comfortable working with numbers, sometimes in a time sensitive circumstance. This test allows us to see how you interpret data and demonstrate an ability to apply relevant formulas.

Top Tip!

Prepare yourself. You may not know what questions are going to come up, but if you are provided data, think about what tools you have available digitally that could help you manipulate this data to find the answers quickly.

Video Interview

You’ll be asked to record your responses to 3 questions during this video interview. We allow you to upload this video yourself, so you can practice this as many times as you’d like before submission. These questions will require you to demonstrate research into Azets, the role you’ve applied to, and the associated professional qualification.

Top Tips!

Do your research. Most companies want to hear what you know about them, their role, and any associated qualifications you may undertake. Find a news story or press release that interests you, this will show your research ability and help you stand out. Bear in mind that recruiters can watch over 30 interviews per day, so it's good to think outside the box

Answer the question asked! It sounds simple, but when I ask "Why do you want to work at Azets" and you tell me about your work experience, this isn't demonstrating a good attention to detail. Keep it relevant and try not to go off track.

Practice makes perfect; some companies (like Azets) let you record your interview multiple times, until you're happy with the result. Make sure you watch yourself back, as awkward as it may feel, to check that your answers hit the mark. You can also check for any fidgeting behaviours (swinging on a desk chair is my most frequently observed).

First impressions count. Body language and tone of voice are just as important as your content. Try to smile whilst you talk. If you're telling me that you're passionate about Audit, but you are straight faced and lack expression, it makes it difficult to see how your words and how you present yourself match up.

Be specific. Some companies might ask you what you understand about the job you've applied for. "Working with clients" and "responding to queries" could apply to pretty much every job out there. Don't just rely on the job description to explain the role to you, but do further research either by contacting current job-holders on LinkedIn, checking out the company website, or using university resources.

Use the time you're given. If you've been given 90 seconds to answer a question, this means the interviewer believes there is enough relevant content to fill this time. If you finish the question in 30 seconds, there is more research that you could be doing.

Assessment Day

Our assessment centre has 3 main components; group exercise, presentation & interview. The group exercise will be a scenario based assessment that will require you to debate and discuss a topic within a team of up to 4 others.

You will be given your presentation topic roughly 5 days before your interview, so you should have plenty of time to prepare this in advance. You will present to 1 or 2 assessors, rather than in front of other candidates.

Finally, you will interview with 1 or 2 members of the team, typically the team you hope to join. The interview will consist of scenario based questions and motivational questions.

Top Tips!

Preparing for an assessment centre

  • Familiarise yourself with the role you’ve applied to
  • Think of some questions you’d like to ask your interviewers
  • Research the business and different services offered.
  • Watch the news – being up to date with current affairs is always beneficial.
  • Revisit your motivations for the role and business. Research the associated professional qualification.

On the Day

  • Think about your answers; make sure you listen closely to the question and answers these fully, explaining your thought process and reasons you’d choose the actions you have. You should also consider the Azets values when answering these questions.
  • Speak up – make sure you share your ideas and opinions in a polite and professional manner. We can only assess your based on what you say on the day.
  • Work together – utilise your peers’ knowledge and ideas to deliver the best solution
  • Check your understanding of the exercise/question and keep on task
  • Don’t always settle for the first idea, it’s important to consider a range of ideas in order to choose the best one.

Culture & values

Our people : Our diversity and inclusion programme aims to recruit the best talent from a wide range of backgrounds, making all our people feel valued and create a sense they belong.

We give every Azets team member a voice and encourage them to be themselves at work. We take our employee wellbeing and development very seriously and invest in helping our people thrive.

Our clients: We work tirelessly to build trusted client relationships and deliver the very best service to help our clients achieve their ambitions.

We use NPS to help us continually measure and improve our client experience approach.

Our community: We believe in the next generation and set up Azets4Kids to open up new opportunities to children of all backgrounds.

We encourage our people to volunteer in both our mentoring programmes and our reading and writing schemes, as well as supporting charities close to our local towns and offices.

Our environment: We take our role in the global fight against climate change very seriously, with established initiatives to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Our local office network helps us reduce global travel emissions.

We invest in new digital technologies and our client portal CoZone helps to automate many of our accounting practices, in turn, saving paper and energy.

Our suppliers: We commit to making all our suppliers feel they are part of our Azets community through ethical procurement strategies.

We treat our suppliers fairly and build great relationships with them, working together to drive the best possible value for our clients.

Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

  • Forensic Accounting Graduate (ACA), Leeds, Autumn 2024

  • Payroll Graduate (CIPP), York, Autumn 2024

  • Audit Graduate (ACA), Portsmouth, Autumn 2024