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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Do some research to understand which team you are getting into before applying."
Graduate, London
"The process is competitive and long but this is standard for interviews and my experience with Fidelity was better than with others. It involves an initial online application followed by tests and there is then a video interview stage that, if passed, is followed by a face-to-face interview. The final stage is a full-day assessment centre that consists of interviews and case study work. Prepare fully and know why you're applying and why you're the best candidate. Show that you're willing to learn and are keen to work for the company in the specific role for which you applied."
Graduate, London
"Be able to demonstrate an interest in the role you're applying for. If that's investments then read company reports and be up to speed with the economic environment. You should also be able to talk about where you invest (or would do)."
Graduate, London
"One thing that definitely helped me in the application process was simply doing some studying. Research what kind of company Fidelity is, what its core values and expectations are and where it's placed in the industry (competitors, customers, key products). The overall process then became an opportunity to learn more about Fidelity and I found that the employees of all levels had many positive things to share."
Graduate, Dublin
"The application process for Fidelity involves an initial online application, a series of online tests, a telephone interview and then an assessment day that includes a final interview. I have a couple of pieces of advice for candidates applying to Fidelity. Firstly, really understand as much as you can about the role you are applying to. You can find a lot of information on the website and on the online portals so study this and come prepared with some questions for the interviewers specific to the role. Secondly, understand the core values of the organisation and be able to match your skills, interests and ways of working to these values."
Graduate, Dublin
"The application process was very quick and efficient, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The assessment day was very intensive and I felt that it let me showcase my skills more than a few sit-down interviews would have done. It enabled me to show my teamwork, problem solving and presentation skills all at once. With regard to preparation, the best advice is to not be nervous as time is very limited in some of the tasks and being quiet will not get you anywhere! There is tonnes of information on the FIL website, I recommend reading up about the company's values and trying to find out where achievements in your past link up to those."
Graduate, Dublin


"Make sure that you do your research on the company and the industry. It's great to know what Fidelity is working on and the ways that it is trying to achieve its goals in the industry."
Technology, Graduate, London
"Fidelity is willing to take anybody from any discipline so long as you show a willingness to learn. Show why you are worth the investment to train up and show your personality."
Graduate, Surrey (Tadworth)
"There are online applications and assessments as well as a video interview, assessment centre and a face-to-face interview. I would suggest ensuring you can verbalise why you want to work for Fidelity rather than other asset managers and why you are applying for the specific scheme you are going for."
Graduate, London
"There's an online application and assessments, a video interview and then an assessment day that includes a case study, team exercise and an interview."
Entry level, Dubai, UAE
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