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An employability event for ambitious first year students


‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is a common saying when it comes to getting a job. And that’s all well and good for students who have the necessary contacts. But what about those who don’t? Join TARGETjobs at Aspire, a one-day event designed exclusively for ambitious first-year students who haven't had the opportunities to come together with leading employers and open doors to further possibilities.

Who can apply

  • Current first-year undergraduate students
  • Studying any degree, from a background where:
  • you either went to a state school, or
  • you were eligible for free school meals, or
  • you were the first in your family to go to university

Why Attend

According to recent Trendence research students from lower income backgrounds, expect their earnings to be an average of £6,000 lower than those students from better off backgrounds.
This is where Aspire can help you level the playing field. The event is free to attend and is much more than just another careers fair.

You will spend a whole day:

  • having quality face time with top UK 300-ranked employers to make those all-important connections
  • learning about the different opportunities available to you in a range of fields (maybe some that you haven’t considered or heard of before)
  • accessing exclusive information and tips from recruiters and recent graduates about their employers’ application processes and the skills they are looking for
  • meeting and building relationships with your peers at universities across the UK
  • taking part in exercises to develop important skills including teamwork, decision-making and creativity

Who knows where this one day will lead? The attending employers are looking for their future interns and graduates, and you could be one of them. So, if you’re not sure where to begin your career planning, start with Aspire.

‘I’m often asked what social mobility is in simple terms. For me, it’s about one word. Aspiration. It’s about being able to go as far as your effort, talent and hard work can take you in life, unimpeded by class, the school you went to or your background. Social mobility is fundamentally about there being a ladder of opportunity that everyone should have a fair chance of climbing,’ – Justine Greening, founder of the Social Mobility Pledge and former MP, writing for The Guardian.