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Welcome to the Isle of Man! We offer hundreds of exciting career opportunities across a wide range of sectors and an amazing work/life balance.

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Who are Locate Isle of Man?

Locate Isle of Man work as part of the Isle of Man Government. We aim to attract talented individuals to take advantage of the hundreds of amazing career opportunities available in a wide range of exciting sectors in the Isle of Man.

The team at Locate Isle of Man provide a wealth of knowledge to help graduates make their move.

You can get started right away by visiting the Locate website and register on the Locate Talent Portal.

Liz Cullinane, told us ‘I thought there might be few chances for career progression on the island, but I soon discovered there were many more career opportunities than I would have had in the UK’.

Where is the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man sits in the Irish Sea in between England and Ireland. The Island is accessible by sea and by air, with plenty of weekly flights off Island! Measuring 33 miles long and 13 miles wide, with a population of over 80,000 people, the Island has a diverse offering from; a vibrant business centre, bustling café culture with wonderful bars and restaurant and glorious beaches to a huge range of sports and outdoor activities and theatres and art experiences. . It is also the safest place to live in the British Isles.

Why the Isle of Man?

There are extensive job opportunities for graduates across a range of dynamic and exciting industries spanning financial services, education, healthcare, e-gaming, ICT, manufacturing and hospitality. On average salaries are higher than in the UK, with personal taxes among the lowest in Europe. It couldn’t be a better time to consider relocation.

Those who relocate benefit from lower tax (with a maximum 20% rate).the Insurance Holiday Scheme, which allows you to apply for a refund on your NI contributions (up to £4,000) for your 1st year of living here.

In the Isle of Man, we understand that life is more than boardrooms and conference calls. Our excellence in business stems from a skilled workforce of highly capable and well-rounded individuals who know that life is all about balance. Our days start with a short commute to work, followed by lunch at a local spot enjoying the freshest seafood you can imagine, a 10 minute drive to the beach after work for a wind-surfing or kayak session and end with a glass of wine or a pint with friends at a local pub or wine bar… Sound perfect? Yeah, we think so too!

Jess Brown, who moved from South Africa, told us ‘the Island definitely encourages a healthy work life balance and a stress free lifestyle. This is often very different from the hustle and bustle of city living!’

How to register your interest:

You can get started right away by visiting the Locate website and register on the Locate Talent Portal.

We created this Talent Portal to connect candidates considering relocation, and employers who are looking for specific skills in the Isle of Man and we welcome graduates.

It’s simple, sign up to the Talent Portal; enter the qualifications you have gained or are working towards, any work experience and all your key skills ready for Isle of Man employers to match with you.

If you have any questions around living and working in the Isle of Man our team is always happy to help.

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  • Number of employees: 10000+
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  • Charity, Public & Civil Service
  • Medical, Healthcare & Dental
  • Teaching & Education
  • Hospitality, Sport, Leisure & Tourism