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Connecting students and graduates with SMEs. Across the UK, most industry sectors and job types. Internships, placements, and graduate roles.

Who we are

Thanks for visiting this page. I'm Matthew Parry, Director of SME Graduate Employment. You can find out more about me on my profile. It's just me in the business. I've kept it that way so that anyone who deals with me gets the full benefit of my 18 years of recruitment experience (including 9 specifically working with students and graduates).

SME Graduate Employment is a specialist recruitment agency. I work on behalf of a range of employers, across a wide range of business sectors, and there is a wide variety of job types.

An SME is generally seen as an employer with 250 or less staff. But many of the businesses I work with are a little bigger. Others have fewer than 10 staff.

What they have in common is offering great opportunities for students and graduates. But they often find it difficult to attract good applicants. Particularly when up against the huge graduate employers that have a high visibility in university careers departments.

Graduates have potential; you are starting out on your journey. You may need a bit of extra support in finding work, particularly with SMEs. You probably won’t have heard of most of these businesses.

So, we have SMEs who do not have as high a profile as the bigger graduate employers. And skilled graduates who would love to work for them but aren't aware of the opportunities.

Which is where I come in.

The employers ask me to find students and graduates who they are not able to find themselves. The opportunities I have are generally when the business needs someone and can be at various times of the year.

I have a huge network of employers that I work with, and find and contact new ones each day. They are from a wide variety of industry sectors and locations. So, the jobs that I have available at any one time can vary.

You will notice that the employers are not named; there are various reasons for this, but don't worry- if we speak we will discuss the business and job in more depth.

If we speak then I will give you guidance on your application, and should you be selected for interview there is also a lot of help, advice, and support that I can give. If successful, I will also be there for you when you start your new role, and happy to discuss any issues you may have as you settle in.

You can see loads of blogs with tips on applications etc on my website.

SME Graduate Employment has 3 charity partners (IntoUniversity, Max's Foundation, and Tourettes Action) and a donation is made to each when a placement is made (there is no cost to you, the business pays me for my services, just as they would pay an IT or legal specialist, for example).

The business is also a partner of the Women's Engineering Society, which encourages more young Women to begin a STEM Career.

Culture and Values

This will vary according to the specific employer.


This will vary according to the specific employer.

Recruitment Process

Email your CV and your application will be assessed. If you are a good match then we will speak more about the job and business.

Equality and Diversity

All applicants are assessed equally. SME Graduate Employment donates to charities including the T Women's Engineering Society, which encourages more young Women to begin a STEM Career. And IntoUniversity, which supports young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to attain their chosen aspiration, including further and higher education, employment and work-based training.


This will vary according to the specific employer.

Personal Development

This will vary according to the specific employer.


This will vary according to the specific employer.

Charity Partners
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