Paul Barnes



Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Diploma in careers guidance

Postgraduate certificate in learning and teaching in higher education

Master of arts (education)

About Paul Barnes

After starting as a careers adviser in the mid-1980s, Paul was able to gain broad experience of the opportunity market, both here in the United Kingdom and overseas. From this, a natural and growing interest in writing professionally led to him becoming involved in producing his first articles in the early 1990s, reviewing careers publications and later providing content for a range of audiences.

For most of the past twenty years, he has become more engaged in writing for the undergraduate and graduate market. He has written on a numerous, diverse topics, from working internationally to careers in a range of fields including oceanography, healthcare, teaching and human resource management. He also used to produce information resources to help pre-university students considering higher education options.

In more recent times Paul has created online curriculum support and training materials. He has become especially interested in mentoring, disability support and in being able to use his own higher degree study to bring new aspects to his writing and teaching.

Paul creates content for targetjobs as part of the content partnership between Group GTI , targetjobs’ parent company, and AGCAS .