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Equal opportunities and diversity

As a leading set of chambers, 3PB is committed to equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace. We recognise the obligation not to discriminate against clients, counsel, pupils or staff and aim to treat everyone equally and fairly, in a non discriminatory way. It is only right that no job applicant, employee, worker, member or client/visitor is discriminated against on the grounds of a protected characteristic, such as:

Gender reassignment.
Marriage and civil partnership.
Pregnancy, maternity and adoption for the primary carer.
Race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin).
Religion or belief.
Sexual orientation or re-assignment.

In addition, we aim to ensure that no job applicant, employee, worker or client is treated less favourably or placed at a disadvantage on the grounds of their part-time status or trade union activities. We aim to recruit and retain the very best tenants, pupils and staff and this applies in the advertisement of jobs, recruitment, appointment, provision of benefits, allocation of training, promotion, disciplinary proceedings, dismissal, conditions of work, pay, giving a reference, the provision of services and every other activity and aspect of employment.

Our commitment

3PB does not tolerate any unlawful or unfair discrimination and anyone found to be acting in a discriminatory manner will face disciplinary action which could include dismissal. We actively promote equality of opportunity and require everyone to contribute towards achieving this objective.

We believe that treating people with dignity and respect is an important part of realising equal opportunities and diversity, and this policy should be read in conjunction with our harassment and bullying policy.

Recruitment and selection

Our objective is to recruit staff best able and qualified to perform the required or anticipated tasks. We will recruit using a variety of methods, for example, advertisements in local newspapers, recruitment agencies and Job Centres.

The wording of any advertisements will not place unfair restrictions or requirements on a particular group or request specific qualifications that are not necessary for the effective performance of the job.

All applications will be considered on the basis of objective criteria, such as qualifications, experience and ability to do the job. Person specifications and job descriptions will only state requirements as necessary where they are essential for the job. Account will be taken of reasonable adjustments that may be required for applicants with disabilities.

We recognise that women, those with disabilities and members of ethnic monitories and those with disabilities are under-represented at the Bar and actively encourage applications from these groups.

The selection processes used by 3PB will measure the suitability of the applicant in terms of the requirements for the position. Selection criteria and procedures will be kept under review to ensure that individuals are selected and promoted on the basis of relevant merits and abilities.

We will endeavour through appropriate training to ensure that employees who are making selection and recruitment decisions do not discriminate, whether consciously or subconsciously, in making these decisions.