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Interview Questions


"There were lots of competency-based questions and others surrounding the firm in order to gauge how well prepared I was."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are quite general questions to determine how you think about things and how you solve problems. There will also be questions about what you've done and what you've learned along the way."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I was asked lots of questions regarding my experience, both professional (which was very limited) and academic."
Finance, Graduate, Edinburgh
"I was asked questions about why I applied and what interested me in the IT field. There was just as much focus on who I was and what interested me as there was on what technical knowledge I had."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The interview questions varied from the basic explaining of why you want the role to trickier abstract questions that put you on the spot."
Graduate, Edinburgh


"Various competency questions were asked, followed by some questions about me, my motivations to work at Baillie Gifford and my understanding of the role."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I was asked behavioural and competency-style questions."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"Why finance? Why Baillie Gifford? I was asked a variety of questions about my CV and background as well as philosophical questions."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The first interview focused on my CV and life choices, while the second interview focused on my views on various global issues."
Mid level, Edinburgh
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