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"I was asked what questions I would ask in a meeting with the management of British Tobacco. I was also asked to look at three companies for 15 minutes and then present a mini stock pitch. I was asked to talk about some recent news I'd seen and any interesting investment opportunities or stocks I'd been following."
Graduate, London
"Why this company? Why did you choose your university path? Provide examples to prove you share the company's principles."
Graduate, Milan
"I had four interviews that mainly focused on my market awareness, technical skills and cultural fit."
Graduate, London
"Name a new type of technology that interests you and why."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There were questions relating my previous experience to the role."
Marketing, Graduate, London
"The interviews involved personality, competency and technical questions. Among other things I was asked about Brexit, my hobbies, my interest in the industry and a number of questions about financial articles/news."
Graduate, London


"The questions were quite tailored to my CV."
Graduate, London
"I was questioned on my IT and technical skills (database and object-oriented programming) as well as my general background."
Graduate, London
"I was asked a lot about the interaction between macro and micro environment."
Graduate, London
"There were questions around the division (hedge funds), why I wanted to do this job and questions around news."
Graduate, London
"I was asked a range of behavioural questions and market-knowledge questions."
Graduate, London
"There were technical questions about Java as well as other questions about teamwork."
Technology, Graduate, London
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