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Interview: Tips & Advice


"I only had to submit my application and video cover letter. I then had an interview with my director and was invited back for another interview with my managing director, it was a very pleasant process. I recommend preparing by having a good understanding of the company and what it does and being able to demonstrate the BlackRock principles."
Finance, Graduate, Edinburgh
"Talk about the BlackRock principles of innovation and forward-thinking. It's also worth talking about 'staying ahead of trends'. The interviewers love that."
Graduate, London
"The internship interviews place a strong emphasis on cultural fit, as well as the obvious technical side. The hard skills such as coding and trading can be taught, but the interviewer is also looking for someone they will be happy to work in a team with and sit beside for a number of years. This means that being personable, interesting and genuine is also key. To prepare, I'd recommend reaching out to recent interns and graduates from your university for team-specific advice."
Graduate, London
"Be extremely prepared for the video cover letter and be prepared to think on your feet."
Marketing, Graduate, London
"It involved sending off a video cover letter and a CV and was then followed by video interviews and an assessment centre day. Make sure to get a good knowledge of the company history, as well as its principles and general financial news."
Graduate, London
"Learn about the firm's core values, they are fundamental to the success of this company."
Graduate, Edinburgh


"The application process is slightly different from other investment firms. A good tip for the application process is to be friendly and demonstrate that you are able to work in a team."
Graduate, London
"Make sure you're aware of recent developments in the firm and industry. Show that you are a genuine, pleasant and enthusiastic person to work with and would fit in with the company's inclusive culture."
Graduate, London
"I did a spring week, internship and then the grad scheme. I would say that you should make sure you are a little clued up on major stories in the markets (a thorough read of the week's Economist should do it for you before the interview). Be willing to admit you don't know things as the interviewer really just wants to know that they could get on and work well with you."
Graduate, London
"It's quite a long process. You should prepare some questions, read the news and know the division. I believe the best thing to do is to prepare with friends."
Graduate, London
"The process consisted of filling out an application form, doing a virtual (video) cover letter, two telephone interviews and then an assessment day. The assessment day consisted of four interviews with senior members of the team. My best advice would be to really understand what the company and team do and to keep up to date with recent news around BlackRock and the fund management industry."
Entry level, London
"It's important to know the market, but also know the culture and BlackRock values inside out. When you go to the interview, you have to embody those beyond anything else. You have to know what it means to be a fiduciary and what it means to you."
Graduate, London
"Make sure to brush up on your coding and understand different concepts of things such as Java."
Technology, Graduate, London
"My advice would be to really understand the BlackRock principles and how they differentiate us from competitors. This is something that's very highly valued and will, without doubt, come up in an interview."
Graduate, London
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