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8.7 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"The office is in the city centre so it's very accessible. The dress code is very informal and most people do not dress formally."
Finance, Graduate, Edinburgh
"Our location in the City is good and we have our own building, which is nice. The office is not super modern but there is natural light and it's all very open-plan so you never feel you're annoying people by speaking to them. There's a small kitchen on every floor with microwaves, hot water and a coffee machine."
Graduate, London
"The office location is good and the working space is also fine. The highlight would be the first floor, where there are games areas. Despite this, the office could benefit from more facilities as there is only one canteen and it's rather small. There is no gym either, unlike many other offices. Business casual is the official dress code line, but (in London at least) the reality is much more casual than that. Jeans and a t-shirt is fine as long as you aren't going to meet a client."
Graduate, London
"There's no canteen in the Edinburgh office. Otherwise the offices are good."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The dress code is casual, which is great. The offices are very nice but hot desking is a major negative for me."
Marketing, Graduate, London
"The dress code is casual and offices are well located and modern."
Graduate, London


"The office is nice and in a great location, although the coffee/water facilities aren't great. The dress code is good because you can dress very smartly or very casually and not look out of place."
Graduate, London
"Our offices are all over the world and you can work from any one of them. The dress code is titled as smart casual, but it's mostly casual."
Graduate, London
"The office is modern with common spaces, but is lacking a gym."
Graduate, London
"We have very nice offices and a great dress code."
Entry level, London
"The office is nice and our first floor is one of our thinking/social hubs. There are games consoles, table tennis, football tables and collaborative work spaces. Some floors have a hot-desking culture and others have assigned desks. We have a canteen and the location is in central London so we have great access to everything. The offices don't have things such as a gym or doctors but we get discounts on gym memberships and private health care as employee benefits externally."
Graduate, London
"The London office is really big and has a corporate feel to it. The facilities are not the best, but are sufficient. The dress code is professional, but it would not be frowned upon to come in dressed more casually. However, business attire is expected during client meetings."
Graduate, London
"The location is very convenient as it is in the City of London. The dress code is business casual but we always need to be appropriately dressed when in front of clients."
Graduate, London
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