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"The autonomy. I am trusted to structure my day and spend my time how I choose without feeling anyone is watching how long I'm at my desk or what I'm working on."
Graduate, London
"There's brand recognition, international exposure and the chance to see many different businesses."
Graduate, Milan
"Being at a large company such as this provides many opportunities including ample learning opportunities, the chance to grow your career prospects and the ability to move laterally within the firm."
Graduate, London
"The company culture. Everyone on my team has been extremely welcoming and friendly and open to me asking questions. The compensation is also excellent."
Marketing, Graduate, London
"The culture is fantastic. The firm truly values input and ideas from all employees, even those that have just joined."
Graduate, London
"There's a good culture, friendly colleagues and many opportunities to learn."
Graduate, Edinburgh


"It's a really inclusive and welcoming place to work, offering a massive range of investment areas to gain exposure in. The company is also very keen to get everyone involved with technology, whether you have a technical background or not."
Graduate, London
"Despite being a company in the financial sector, the corporate culture is extremely friendly and supportive."
Graduate, Milan
"The amount of information I have access to, the resources available for personal development and the high skill levels of my co-workers."
Graduate, Paris
"Combining the computer science subject with the finance industry and seeing your software being used in the real world."
Technology, Graduate, London
"Having communication with different offices all of the time as well as great benefits including flexible time off."
Graduate, London
"There's an open culture where everyone is willing to help out as well as a nice working environment."
Entry level, London
"We have numerous networking opportunities, a culture of helping one another and the ability to approach members of the firm at any level and get an audience with them."
Graduate, London
"The people are great. There are plenty of opportunities for career progression and relocation. You get thrown in at the deep end with clients, which is scary, but it's also great to be trusted with so much responsibility early on."
Graduate, London
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