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8.1 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"I have been put forward for a professional qualification and the training I am given by my team is very detailed."
Finance, Graduate, Edinburgh
"We had two weeks of training in New York around the general culture and the whole company. For grads in investment teams, we then had to sit two exams on investments (the IMC) and we had a week of training for that, which was very helpful with an outside company. I'm now two months in and we still have sessions with different teams to introduce us to the company multiple times a week."
Graduate, London
"The grad training in New York was incredible and an amazing experience, but could have been improved with more specific training. Once on the desk, I have had a more formal and specific training but an overall introduction to Aladdin (investment-team specific) would have helped save both me and my manager some time."
Graduate, London
"There's lots of high-level training about the business but little role-specific training."
Marketing, Graduate, London
"I was given two weeks of high-level training followed by on-the-job training, which continues throughout your career."
Graduate, London


"It's nice to have an introduction rather than figuring it out by ourselves. Every Wednesday for ten weeks we learn a new part of the core system."
Graduate, London
"We have a very well organised graduate programme."
Graduate, London
"There has been very little finance training, although the company will support and fund your chartered financial analyst programme as well as additional training."
Graduate, London
"There are a lot of training and learning opportunities available."
Entry level, London
"All the graduates globally get sent to New York for an orientation programme that basically teaches us about BlackRock. This is great because we get to hear first hand from very senior people who also come to networking events for the grads outside of their talks and are open to speaking to everyone. Following the NY orientation, a few of us in the UK are required to do the Investment Management Certificate. This is fully paid for, all materials are sent to you and they bring in an external instructor to teach you for a week. My team gets training every Friday with all the grads across Europe."
Graduate, London
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