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"What I'd heard about the culture of the company and its reputation."
Finance, Graduate, Edinburgh
"A friend of mine was working here already and she really loved the culture, she convinced me to apply here."
Graduate, Milan
"I found the link to BlackRock's career page through a site that listed companies with an excellent work culture, so I guess you could say it was that! I was also swayed by the opportunities that are presented to you at a firm such as this, as they are significant and many."
Graduate, London
"Its position in the asset management market."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The reputation, principles, culture and the fact that it's the largest (and best) asset manager in the world."
Graduate, London
"I aligned with the culture and was very passionate about BlackRock's purpose."
Graduate, London


"It's often considered the best in the world for asset management."
Graduate, London
"An employee came to my school and talked to us about new environmental, social and governance initiatives at BlackRock. That got me interested in the company."
Graduate, Milan
"It's an innovative company with a very diverse group of employees."
Graduate, London
"The big focus on technology and computer science in a finance industry."
Technology, Graduate, London
"Visiting the office and meeting employees as well as the company's reputation."
Graduate, London
"The calibre of people working here and the challenge of working in an industry that constantly changes."
Graduate, London
"The fact that it was the biggest asset management company in the world and sent its graduates to New York (all expenses paid) were my reasons when I first applied."
Graduate, London
"The reputation for being the best in the industry and the company culture."
Graduate, London
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