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Fun Facts


"There are many employees here with really diverse experiences, backgrounds and insights."
Intern, Frankfurt
"The coffee in the Budapest office is way better than in the London office."
Intern, Budapest
"We get an unlimited holiday allowance."
Intern, London
"The company is only 31 years old but it's already the world's largest asset manager."
Finance, Intern, Edinburgh
"Everyone improves their table tennis skills while working here, thanks to the office ping pong table."
Intern, London
"We are one of the highest paying employers for interns."
Intern, London


"BlackRock has charity days each year when employees are allowed to take days off in order to give back to the community."
Intern, London
"The founders of the company still work here."
Intern, Edinburgh
"It has a very high percentage of female employees."
Intern, Zurich
"There is a table tennis table in the office."
Intern, Drapers Gardens 12 Throgmorton Avenue London EC2N 2DL - LO9
"There is a flexi-time policy where full-time employees do not have a limited number of days they can take off."
Intern, London
"The founder of the company can still be seen walking around the office day to day."
Intern, London
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